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Degrassi Mini – Reunited

With Deanna, Lauren, Shane and Aubrey
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Degrassi Mini – Reunited”

  1. ButterflyCarrier says:

    i was lost in the first 2 minutes. . .

  2. jamesmaslowindeed says:

    Spin’s Jimmy’s assistant !! And goes by GALVIN now !! Aghh, shoot me !! Lol ! Bur ugh,, is his HAIR GREY ??

  3. jamesmaslowindeed says:

    Spin’s Jimmy’s assistant !! And goes by GALVIN now !! Aghh, shoot me !! Lol !

  4. MusIc4lif3333 says:

    @sarahweirdo5 Ohhh that I don’t know, but I would say season 6 or 7

  5. sarahweirdo5 says:

    @MusIc4lif3333 I know, but the minis do usually come out during a certain season

  6. MusIc4lif3333 says:

    @sarahweirdo5 It’s a degrassi mini….not from a real episode

  7. sarahweirdo5 says:

    what season was this?

  8. 728wylie says:

    I hope degrassi is on in 2017

  9. xMari95x says:

    Holy God if they made this as a 3 hour special. All I am asking for is ONE. JUST ONE DEGRASSI REUNION SPECIAL. What the hell happened to Kendra and Jack? I heard that Angie(Craig’s little sis) was gonna be in the next season(I’ve stopped watching Degrassi after last season) And did Crellie get together? What about Sean’s and Paige’s reaction to Spinner and Emma getting married? Ashley and Terri…what about Paige and Marco still being friends? So many unanswered questions!

  10. SUSUloveify says:

    @somethingdiffrant no no… J Brooks ;)

  11. 558hippygirl says:

    2017 omg!

  12. xxxcrazyducksxxx says:

    I SAW STEPHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. SpikeLikesCookies says:

    @TheFloeShow That’s like a director’s chair thing. Not a wheelchair.

  14. Mewphong says:

    It may have been done in season six but it could really be the future.. Emma leaving Spinner for Sean…. :3 GAH! My sister has infected me!!!

  15. chb21fly says:

    this video was done in like season 6 spinner obviously wasnt married yet

  16. MaddiRoseCook says:

    Ohhh I guess this was made before Spinner got married… No wife shown

  17. RectifyMyAnus says:

    thats not a wheelchair bro .

  18. TheFloeShow says:

    So he can walk but he still needs his wheelchair?

  19. somethingdiffrant says:

    So Jimmy DID become Drake after all.

  20. disnyfan10 says:

    the business is referring to the t shirt one right?

  21. LoveAlways141 says:

    This came our before they got married.

  22. dasSAMco says:

    I LOVE the comment below me!

  23. kweenychick32 says:

    I find this hilarious on account Emma’s not there and Spin and her got married. Twice.

  24. princessbritbell says:

    Spinner has grey hair ha! Jimmy walks! and Paige and Alex are still crazies lol!!!

  25. Lifeisironicreject says:

    1:50 spinner with grey hair… exageration much?

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