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Degrassi: JT’s Death

no witty title, no added music/video made around it. this is the scene, in all its glory. JT walks out towards his car looking for Liberty, and finds a couple Lakehurst thugs. he smarts off one of them, and he gets him back by stabbing him in the back. liberty finds him, and he’s taken to the hospital, only to die there. I dont own degrassi, It’s property of Viacom/The-N/CTV. but I love it anyway.

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25 Responses to “Degrassi: JT’s Death”

  1. SpliNterCellFan697 says:

    @PenguinsWaddle345 Why?

  2. Incrediblejeff says:

    Still the Darkest thing to ever happen on this show IMO.

  3. motox164 says:

    I am always so sad when I watch this cuz he Is like 1 of my fav characters in this show ever!!!

  4. saborocks1 says:

    jt was my fav

  5. YoheiBubbles says:

    this makes me sad every time i see it… i love you jt R.I.P

  6. Cscottrun53 says:

    Gingers have no souls. Especially ones with Jew fros

  7. TuttiFruttiChic says:

    @Deeznuwts so true! So many people died in degrassi, wasn’t there like 4 or 5?

  8. olmjohn says:

    JT’s death was the sadest

  9. torismiley6848 says:

    He was so hot :(

  10. torismiley6848 says:

    @bepjr ditto :’((

  11. sludgeINC1 says:

    that sucks.why they do my boy like that?

  12. bepjr says:

    This episode always makes me cry. ;(

  13. Deeznuwts says:

    Damn, if u go to Degrassi chances r u will die

  14. x0Caroline0x says:

    Saddest moment in degrassi history. RIP james Tiberius Yorke

  15. Yuna578 says:

    Ryan Cooley wanted his character to go out with a bang so they killed JT

  16. magicKALEN123 says:

    @PenguinsWaddle345 not cry but piest in 2011

  17. Lexiehoney911 says:

    I never enjoyed the older season, I guess I just liked the newer ones, sure, its not as good but whatever. But then i was looking at degrassi couples and say Jiberty, and then found Jt’s death, and cried my ass offf.

  18. blujay009 says:

    @asplosions preach it south park was right

  19. PenguinsWaddle345 says:

    If you cry about this in 2011

  20. xeodisfilms says:

    LOL I’m sorry but this is just so funny. Well not really I liked this character. He only left the show so he could go to college

  21. nutterbutter2012ukno says:

    when he stabbed him it look like he stuck something else in there ;)

  22. chocoloco322 says:

    A true backstabber.

  23. TheSubwayMustango says:

    10 facts:

    1. You ar reading this comment.

    2. You are realizing that is a stupid fact.

    4. You didn’t notice I skipped three 5. You’re checking now.

    6. You’re smiling.

    7. You are still reading my comment.

    9. You did not realize I skipped eight.

    10. You’re checking again and smiling about hot you fell for it again.

    11. You are enjoying 12. You didnt realize there are only supposed to be ten facts. Copy and paste this on ONE video. And tomorrow will be the best day

  24. JoshLikeCrazy says:

    saddest episode ever. he didnt even have a reason to kill jt, he just wanted to test out his knife, well guess what… IT WORKS!

  25. zenofskittles says:

    @jontylerlud lmfao i got the yugioh abridged reference… good work

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