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Degrassi Cast in “Shark in the Water”

The cast for the upcoming 10th season star in a music video for the song “Shark in the Water” by VV Brown. Premiered Might 21, 2010 on TeenNick soon after the episode “Maintain On Loving You”.
Video Rating: four / 5

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82 Responses to “Degrassi Cast in “Shark in the Water””

  1. ShelbMali says:

    I love how they do their promos with little hints for the upcoming season, like this and the one for now or never.

    I think it’s really cool

  2. raexbb4ever1 says:

    Luv Degrassi!!!! when Now or never premeired, i nearly jumped out of my pants!

  3. Gfedoroff1 says:

    the 1st time i saw this i had never watched degrassi so when it showed Adam i was like “WHY THE HECK IS THERE A GIRL IN DUDE CLOTHES!?!” :D hahaha

  4. prettygirlbag23 says:

    Im gonna miss Holly j Sav and Anya!!! Years go by So Fast!!!!

  5. 83yome says:

    If only there was a love button<3

  6. prettyladydtown says:

    @LadyGagaShades CAKE

  7. prettyladydtown says:

    This is better than now or never promo

  8. mystriesgirl says:

    Its funny how you look at this and understand (:

  9. T0xiikKill3r says:

    @whatsupwithhim that probably is it

  10. unicornbarf1 says:

    @LadyGagaShades CAKE!!!!!!!

  11. whatsupwithhim says:

    Wait why was Anya under “two-faced”? Becausw she lied about her pregnancy? And I loved how they played the whole death thing. Because I was like “Okay, Clare and Eli are gonna get together. And Eli’s gonna die.” But now I’m think that both cards are about Julia also because Eli didn’t look surprised when the card was drawn.

  12. xXHeartsandXLovex says:

    this makes so much more sense now that the whole season is over. haha

  13. WATTHECHEESE101 says:

    I have a very healthy but seems to be un healthy to non degrassi lovers and they have no idea what wonferful ness it is(:

  14. HabboChipmunk says:

    @LadyGagaShades CAKE :D

  15. BFABB5 says:

    @LadyGagaShades ECLARE! DUH <3

  16. Agp200076 says:

    Drew is SOOOOO hot!!! Him and Bianca are so cute together!!!!-33333

  17. DarknessQueen10101 says:

    I cant believe it’s been a whole year since this came out….hmmm :S

  18. ronnievirk says:

    @LadyGagaShades ECLARE! DUH!

  19. dollylokzera says:

    I LUV U ALE (4 every1 who loves Ale like this)

  20. LadyGagaShades says:

    So all Degrassi lovers, now that Degrassi:Now Or Never is here im sure we all are very excited about all the story lines. My wondering mind asks you; “Eclare”(Eli & Clare) Or “Cake”(Jake & Clare) Subscribe & friend me, Degrassi lovers!!

  21. sosococopuff24 says:

    I will luv degrassi for the rest of my life!!

  22. 2little25 says:

    I love going back and watching this knowing that I’ve seen this, so as it goes on I know what is going on. :)

  23. ronnievirk says:

    This will always be my favourite season of Degrassi. :)

    Back when Alli and Drew were together.

    Back when Fitz was still around.

    Back when Holly J was queen bee.

    Back when Adam was introduced as the trans kid.

    Back when Bianca was a mean girl.

    Back when Jenna and KC didn’t have lots of probs.

    Back when Sav liked girls his age.

    Back when Anya wasn’t doing drugs.

    …Back when Eli and Clare were in love. <3

    Oh, season 10.

  24. elennish says:

    hey im late, can someone tell me what last happened to peter?

  25. KeytotheTARDIS says:

    @bebeJai, no, I think Doctor Who is the longest running show in history. It’s been on since what, the 30′s? Maybe the 20′s. I don’t know, but MUCH longer than Degrassi.

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