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Deep Space Nine Fan Trailer

A 4 minute trailer/montage/factor that I made of wonderful moments from Deep Space Nine. Yay. The music is the Babylon 5 Season 3 Opening Theme, “John Dunbar’s Theme” from Dances w/Wolves, Philip Glass’s “Naqoyqatsi,” and “Finale” from Dragonheart, in that order.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Deep Space Nine Fan Trailer”

  1. beau773 says:

    It did kick all sorts of ass!!!

  2. Dalamantia says:

    common jake!!!…. you flute!!

  3. Dalamantia says:

    awesome dude. love it

  4. Jaimetron1 says:

    beautiful series.

  5. ShinRhino says:

    You are a genius. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I watch this over, and over, and over, and over and it showcases all the BEST parts of DS9

  6. wisers001 says:

    @whippp so true !!! I can only wish they would continue with its epic story line !

  7. Lifehunter1 says:

    you’ve made it perfectly..this should been the official trailer :)

  8. rankcon says:


  9. comtomable says:

    Nice work ;) I love this show, all this social-political questions, is good for think and is really good entertaiment :)

  10. sednageek says:

    cheers, awesome editing, its a tv legend

  11. ShinRhino says:

    Total truth in the quote from EW. “The Best show on television that no-one noticed”

  12. pimpjuice739 says:

    Will there ever be another series that matches DS9 sadly I think the star trek franchise is nearly dead and only held by the new blockbuster movie.

  13. PKTrekGirl says:

    Still one of the best videos on YouTube about the greatest scifi show ever! I still keep coming back to this one, sirrocko! ;)

  14. Dalamantia says:

    I think you slowed down the B5 tune did you? Its very good!

  15. mysterio5005 says:

    @Dalamantia Ironically enough, its the opening theme for season 3 of Babylon 5 (DS9′s competitor show at the time)

  16. Dalamantia says:

    Its takes time for a work of art to be recognized!

  17. Dalamantia says:

    What is that opening music? But awesome video

  18. wisers001 says:

    DS9 – was the best of the all!!! , some of my friends disagree , for the reason it was based on a base DS9. Not travelling to other worlds, i would have to say the never gave DS9 a chance – again the best of them all and i have seen them all !

  19. 0ddba11s says:

    @AAS0009 Sad

  20. Ozgina says:

    Amazing work! I think this HAS to be the best fan trailer!

  21. DarkKnightBob1o1 says:

    “come on jake….mind the phaser blasts now… be careful”

  22. skymatrix says:

    @welker831 (Almost) totally unfair but still hilarious.

  23. ZeroBFM1 says:

    @ZeroBFM1 apparently I can’t read. Found it, thanks.

  24. ZeroBFM1 says:

    whats the theme that starts at 3:02?

  25. InsideTheVoid says:

    I love DS9, its has the most heart grabbing Star Trek story of all the series.

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