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Deep Purple/New Season

Deep Purple/New Season

2008 digitally remastered two-fer from the ever-smiling pop duo featuring two albums on one shiny disc. Their third album, Deep Purple, hit #48 in the UK album charts as well as #60 in America while New Season, their fourth full-length, reached #85 i

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5 Responses to “Deep Purple/New Season”

  1. bobby morrow says:

    Review by bobby morrow for Deep Purple/New Season
    When ‘Deep Purple’ was released in 1976, I remember feeling a little short-changed because 2 tracks from their debut album, only 18 months old at the time, were included. Also, there are only 2 ‘new’ duets, the rest is solo stuff by Donny (2) and Marie (4) along with the track track which came out at the end of ’75. That said, it’s still a really good album with many highlights such as Donny’s ‘Sunshine Lady’, which I’m sure would have been huge had it been released a couple of years earlier. The infamous ‘A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock And Roll’ is here too and ‘Butterfly’ by Marie is delightful, in a country vein (as are all her solos).

    ‘New Season’ came out at the end of 1976 and for me is even better. It contains their last top 25 single ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’ but the whole thing is just so upbeat and charming. You can’t listen to the likes of ‘Anytime Sunshine’, ‘Sing’, ‘It’s All Been Said Before’ and ‘Now We’re Together’ and not be cheered up. Marie’s take on ‘Which Way You Goin’ Billy’ is a career highlight and the album contains ones of my very favourite D&M songs, ‘We Got Love’. I ADORE that song!

    Again, the CD sound is wonderful and I think you’ll treasure these discs as will I.

  2. MUSICman says:

    Review by MUSICman for Deep Purple/New Season
    New Season is the first album I think I ever loved! The cover pictures and the music always made me happy. “Ain’t nothing like the real thing” is D&M doing an update of an old Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell hit from the 60′s. Although this version is more upbeat with a disco sound. I don’t really have a favorite song from this album because most of them are excellent. Some songs you’ll remember from their old TV show “DONNY & MARIE”. I agree with the other reviewer that “We got love” is one of their best songs.

    Deep Purple was titled “Featuring songs from their television show” in America. It’s not as good as New Season because most of the songs were already released on other Osmond albums. I do like “Dandelion”. 3 of the songs are Marie solos. “Sunshine Lady” is Donny solo. Although “Deep Purple” was the hit single from the album it doesn’t hold up as well as some of the other songs. C’mon Marianne is featured on Disco Train (Donny’s solo album) also a top 40 hit in 1976. This was a great time for Donny & Marie fans and now it’s fun reliving those days by listening to this CD. I will never get tired of listening to Donny & Marie, they should record another album of duets. They sound their best together, they are definitely a winning combination. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL!!!

  3. barry says:

    Review by barry for Deep Purple/New Season
    Finally the Donny and Marie albums have been released on cd. I grew up with them and had the hugest crush on Marie. I loved their music and their television show. I saw them in concert 3 times.

    These two albums were my favorite. The first does have some cuts from earlier releases but it was their first venture into more current pop music and had all the songs from their show. It does have them doing more solo work than duets but that is fine for it leads into the masterpiece NEW SEASON.

    Right when the vocals start on AIN’T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING you know they have come into their own. The song and their voices combined are magical. I love this whole cd and the music is not dated. YOU BROKE MY HEART and NOW WE’RE TOGETHER are the biggest winners as is Marie’s solo WHICH WAY YOU GOIN’ BILLY.

    Now to the remastering. All I can say is WOW !! It is crystal clear. The vocals sound amazing. I love what is happing. DANCING WITH THE STARS showed the country still loves Marie as Las Vegas shows that both are loved. I am ever so grateful to have my teen happy memoroes brought back to me with this quality music. I hear Marie and I melt. I now want her other solo early releases put out as well.

    Highly recommend this cd.

  4. Bubbles says:

    Review by Bubbles for Deep Purple/New Season
    I have been and Donny and Marie fan for many years and have been waiting for these two albums to be re-released in CD form. I am soooo happy that it has finally happened. I have been listening to this cd almost non-stop since I received it a week ago. The songs are lyrically clean, the sound is really good and it really takes me back to my teen years. I have also found a new appreciation for the simplicity of the songs and music as an almost 40 year old adult. If you were a fan of the D&M show of the 70′s this is a must have for your collection. Even if you are a new fan of Donny and/or Marie, you should have this cd. The compilation of songs on this cd is D&M at their best. Their voices blend so well and they really balance each other on the songs. It’s a fantastic cd.

  5. Amy L. elam says:

    Review by Amy L. elam for Deep Purple/New Season
    i can t wait to get it because i know it going to ilove the way this brother sister sing the dont make singer like them anymore ilove it

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