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Death Valley Days – Dear Teacher – 1 of 3

Classic western anthology series consisting of accurate stories and legends from the region around Death Valley, CA. Season 2, Episode 6: Dear Teacher Original Air Date: 24 November 1953 New schoolteacher arrives, keeps unruly students in line with her sweet demeanor and sharpshooting abilities. 1 vindictive female student and some town busybodies attempt to get her run out of town.
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15 Responses to “Death Valley Days – Dear Teacher – 1 of 3”

  1. PhillipCreeper says:

    audiophile55 you are right that he was the one who hit George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He was in many movies and a great character actor. His name was Stanley Andrews.

  2. PhillipCreeper says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  3. gec343 says:

    Excellent. Brings back some fine memories!

  4. Nationsnotregimes says:

    Excellent !


  5. Juliaflo says:

    @mrroper Stephen Talbot.

  6. goldcreekfilms says:

    Yep – Death Valley Days was one of the longest running series – and all of the shows were based on true stories – especially these early shows – check me out for the whole story of the twenty mule team!

  7. audiophile55 says:

    Who was “The Old Ranger”? Does anyone know? Isn’t he the guy who hit George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

  8. audiophile55 says:

    I can’t get through the opening without getting a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. What I wouldn’t give to have America back the way it was when I was small and this was on TV at the time.

  9. mikejackson4ever says:

    Nowadays the only cultural heritage hollywood seems to care about (and by that, I mean obsess) is the hippie movement, 60′s, and woodstock. It’s like they think that was our finest hour.

  10. jackdanville says:

    What a wondrous time it was in America when our entertainment was based on an interesting story line and our magnificent heritage.

  11. mrroper says:

    one of those kids was Gilbert from leave it to beaver

  12. hourlynewscaster says:

    Considering its incredible run on RADIO and then TV, it was among the longest-running format shows in American broadcast history. Dennis

  13. fromthesidelines says:

    This episode was first syndicated in 1953; unfortunately, the “Borax” ads (usually featuring Rosemary DeCamp gently pitching the sponsor’s product) were omitted from this print. In 1956, “Pacific Coast Borax” became “U.S. Borax and Chemical Corporation”.

  14. BoilingPoint212F says:

    LOL , Miss Hannah Doty must be a cannibal at 4:22 she says ” I don’t usually sleep folks just eat em’.

  15. FoPo4 says:

    Thanks. Death Valley Days was a great series.

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