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Death valley days begin

death valley days begin
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  1. malondo7 says:

    for years the TV night sign off just after after saturday night wrestling..

  2. goldcreekfilms says:

    Classic TV show – based on true Death Valley stories – Ruth Woodman the writer – great stuff!

  3. SounzNice says:

    This was a staple every sunday afternoon and then zap, gone and never seen again.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. RangerAlways says:

    The original episodes were hosted by a grey haired sidewinder known as the “old ranger.” After his death, Ronald Reagan was host for several years.

  5. curtisjones400 says:

    if you remember this show you are old-i was like 8 years old -watching this show in 1962-i think they were re-runs-

  6. elmonjeblanco says:

    I would like to hear the voice of Robert Taylor…

  7. MICROTRIAC says:

    i remember as a child, they would use the twenty mule borax wagon in some of the adds.
    my grand father loved westerns and many
    a day and night we would revisit the old
    west together thru shows like this.

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    I believe Robert Taylor hosted those episodes while Ronald Reagan was campaigning for Governor of California in 1966- the title, “DEATH VALLEY DAYS”, was owned by sponsor U.S. Borax & Chemical Corporation, and first-run episodes in syndication were always seen under the original title. Because U.S. Borax reserved the rights to the title, earlier episodes were re-syndicated under different titles with different hosts….

  9. itsyouthatiwant says:

    The quality of this video could be better. The sound comes in and out, and it skips.

  10. itsyouthatiwant says:

    Death Valley Days was a nice show. I wish some of the Cable channels would carry the show.

  11. GOOSEYGOOSE9 says:

    Dear 50′s And 60′s Fans
    This Episode Hosted By Robert Taylor

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