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Dean Martin Show Opener

Dean, Adorable yet again :D
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25 Responses to “Dean Martin Show Opener”

  1. zloyobar says:

    This brings back memories Grandma and her Raliegh’s Grandpa and his Roi-Tans,Grandma was drinkin’ whatever Dino was Grandpa just had his beer….
    America was a simpler nation then…

  2. curtismichael14 says:


  3. ronski52 says:

    Miss you Dino!

  4. monsieurhassan says:

    hahahaha, too funny, . .. to be this funny, ladies and gentlemen, sadly, is a lost art

  5. mrbeachdude57 says:

    @sk8Piti the song is lay some happiness on me

  6. HunterXero says:

    I’m sad that I didn’t get to experience this time period. Born in the 80′s…though I’m glad to grow up in the 90′s. Not as good though lol.

  7. GeorgeClooney4Ever says:

    @sk8Piti lay some hapiness on me

  8. sk8Piti says:

    whats thesong 1:38 answer me please :)

  9. toddnevinsable says:

    Love it :) Thank you !

  10. Jsun7897 says:

    How can you not love this stuff…

    They don’t make em like Dean anymore, just wish i was old enough to be around when he was.
    Following generations really missed out.

  11. Jevely08 says:

    Memories from when I was a little mother nearly fainted everytime he was on tv..haha

  12. 2009osman92 says:

    25 and i love this old stuff

  13. kittyluvr1000 says:

    @serpico56 I have to agree with you.

  14. pokslow says:

    The delivery of his jokes, the expression on his face, hahaha !! Irreplaceable character ! Legendary !

  15. Bidil6 says:

    Dino had class!

  16. Bidil6 says:

    Dino had class!

  17. Bidil6 says:

    No one objected to his acting like a hopeless drunk because Dino had CLASS!

  18. Bidil6 says:

    Dino was great! If he did drink well I don’t know what to say. His smiles made me smile and his voice was to die for. Such a great artist. Now he lays cold in a coffin 6 feet in dirt. He went from fame and fortune to being a planted seed. Not fair!

  19. eocarcharia says:

    @Bidil6 He drank far more than a drop! :D He certainly didn’t drink as much as he made out, though, no. He mostly liked the drunk act because it was a good way to get a laugh. He was right too. :)

    I love that he could stumble around on national TV, acting like a hopeless drunk, and nobody seems to have objected. Probably wouldn’t be allowed now.

  20. sixchild19 says:

    DINO need any more be said. Natural talent-funny,can sing and act also gorgeous!!! I Agree God took the best and left us with the rest,

  21. serpico56 says:

    They dont make them like this anymore. God took the best and left us with nothing.

  22. Bidil6 says:

    Why did Dino always wish to appear drunk when in real life he never drank a drop

  23. maureenmo1 says:

    dino woke up with a bottle in his mouth, bet it had gin in it lol

  24. makthnife says:

    tru, but I say British TV has better humorous shows, no? I dont go for reality crap so most American stuff is out the toilet then. Thank GOD for Youtube so we can watch this magic, no??? So cool!!!!! Go Dino, Go!!

  25. makthnife says:

    ya, he’s counting the time in the measure- funny stuff!

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