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Dead Famous Queen Mary Investigation

Chris Fleming and Gail Porter Visit The Queen Mary in Long Beach California during the Lucille Ball episode.
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25 Responses to “Dead Famous Queen Mary Investigation”

  1. giantemperilli says:

    I co-authored Peter James’ biography “Heaven Can You Hear Me?” before he passed away in July, 2007. The family allowed me to post his famed “Sightings” and “Unexplained Mysteries” footage under the ‘videos’ tag and within the ‘blog’ section of his dedicated tribute myspace – peterjameslives Enjoy!

  2. antiiieee1234 says:

    I use to watch this with my mum ALLL THE FREKN TIME on foxtel, when we had foxtel, it was my favourite man! i miss this show!

  3. taggerenkei says:

    damn that girl is annoying !!!!the investigator doesnt let nobody do any investigating with all that talkin and screaming damn thats soooooooo annoying

  4. NA60469 says:

    I went on that dinner tour! It was hella fun

  5. vandijkie1974 says:

    lol that was fake as hell

  6. mooshkotola says:

    Eek, a mouse!

  7. Dragan3rd says:

    I bet the “anomoly” is a mouse or a rat…

  8. zandj710 says:

    as spirit chasers die, lets see how many make themselves known. they seem so sure. today is my skeptical day, and every time I see peter james on video I think the same thing. Peter your dead, you speak instead of john lol

  9. zandj710 says:

    why doesn’t peter make an appearance to prove this is all real? according to the spirit box, dead people speak, come and go, why can’t he since he believed it. if theres a will theres a way, hmmm that i cant figure out. He’s dead isn’ t he? he spent a lot of time there didnt he? did anyone try to go where he frequented and make contact? that I want to see. not a recording of him when he was a live

  10. mwahbabii911 says:

    in some episodes she bald.
    did she get cancer or something?

  11. brentfromnz says:

    I reckon that dude looks like Albert Einstein

  12. Kellio1000 says:

    maybe she just started her period!

  13. olsonche13 says:

    Chris Fleming talked at my college today, and then after that about 40 people got to go on a ghost hunt thing with him, but I didn’t get to :(

  14. Starangelica says:

    I swear I think there’s a ghost at 1:23 down to the far right a figure of a man standing there

  15. foliage4 says:

    THat was my first thought

  16. elterrible77 says:

    obviously all the squizes and noises are from rats living their and the so called “entity” was a rat that just wanted to be on t.v. to show everyone that they are full of shit

  17. ghathabha says:

    anybody know where to buy the dvd?

  18. kezzbag says:

    the `entity` is sooooo obviously a mouse

  19. flyersluver4eva says:

    this programme is soooo full of shit.

  20. gangstamedi says:

    Ur gay

  21. LisaKateLinus says:


  22. hahaha2531 says:

    I love the queen mary!

  23. zandj710 says:

    does anyone know of or have been on the SSNJ? and if so, are there any sightings of paranormal activity? It has seen a lot in WW2 among other missions. It is now a museum in camden NJ. My father god rest his soul was a plank owner during WW2, thats why I ask.

  24. greenleif says:

    I miss this show sooooo much!!! It was brilliantly done; hosts, director(s), production, cinematography, the whole deal! Maybe it’ll be brought back, if not, and if Gail isn’t interested, a show done by Chris would be greatly loved and watched. BTW, Gail, you are as LOVELY as you ever were!:D I was so worried when I 1st saw you with your head covered/less hair. I was afraid to even look up info for fear you were ill or dying. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been going through. Bless Your <3

  25. gangstamedi says:

    doas this episode have more parts here on youtube???? I most see the rest o_O

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