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De Kelley in “Death Valley Days – Lady of the Pl.” Pt. 1

DeForest Kelley in the 1966 episode “Lady of the Plains”, being a nice guy (gambler, not a bandit) and getting the girl (yay!).

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9 Responses to “De Kelley in “Death Valley Days – Lady of the Pl.” Pt. 1”

  1. FaithfullNightmare says:

    OMG!!! they met again!! lol that is sooo weird!

  2. 12Zwolf says:

    Thank You For Posting; Gary Sinise is the present day form of DeForrest Kelly. Another great thing about these ‘old Westerns’ is no ‘chop-sockie’ goofy head/body posing, dancing, and doppy sound-effects, the old ”Westerns’ contain just plain, choreographed fighting, with good writing, good storey-lines, good lighting/camera work, good costuming/make-up, and great acting.
    Valkyrie Ziege Mourne

  3. fromthesidelines says:

    “Lady Of The Plains” was initially seen in first-run syndication in the spring of 1966. However, Ronald Reagan was the original host when it first aired. In later years, there were SO many episodes of the series produced, they were repackaged under different titles, featuring different hosts. John Payne’s intro comes from the “CALL OF THE WEST” edition syndicated in the late ’60s. And yes, that is Sherry Jackson as “Katherine Turner”…

  4. johnnynoirman says:

    That’s John Payne doing the intro!

  5. McCoyFan says:

    Agreed! I have seen an episode of Riverboat before. It focused on two Scotty and McCoy like characters. It was a pretty good episode. Yeah, I love this Death Valley Days episode too!

  6. hypotriox says:

    that is very coincidental!! omg the riverboat called enterprise!~! go figure

    i really like watching this epi from death valley days; this one was really good!

  7. McCoyFan says:

    In fact, McCoy wasn’t in that episode at all. I thought that was kind of funny though. Just like the lady playing Nancy in “The Man Trap” is in an episode of Riverboat with Kelley were Kelley’s character steals her character’s diamond. Even more ironic is the fact that Riverboat takes place on a riverboat called the Enterprise. o_O

  8. hypotriox says:

    I Didn’t know that was the same actress. Interesting!! McCoy was hardly in that epi of TOS too.

  9. McCoyFan says:

    If you’ll note, the chick he falls in love with is the android chick from Star Trek “What are Little Girls Made Of?” Only, Kirk gets her in that one.

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