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Daytime Emmys Guiding Light Tribute with Intro by Betty White

Daytime Emmys Guiding Light Tribute August 30, 2009 Original 4 minute version of this that was not aired:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Daytime Emmys Guiding Light Tribute with Intro by Betty White”

  1. tunapup1 says:

    @1clockworkorange Exactly what I was thinking! After the storylines involving Paul Anthony Stewart’s Danny and Bethany Joy Lenz’s Michelle, the show was never the same again. The only one I really liked was the Jonathan and Tammy storyline (even if it was a bit messed up).
    I’m digressing a bit, but I think the theme had something to do with it. I miss the one they played when the cast took a bow instead of that God awful one they ended the show with.

  2. Rogerthoroegirl says:

    @Messylin Both those actresses are class acts! Sorry to say, but Guiding Light died in the late 1990′s. It went from being a traditional soap full of creative storytelling to outlandish plots( cough cough clone) that belong on the Sci-fi network. This Love will save the world shit was not GL to me, I don’t know what that was but that was not the GL most people grew up on. So I didn’t mourn Guiding Lite I Mourned for Guiding Light.

  3. MISSNDPNDNT says:

    The Light is not burnt out, it’s just dimmed, it will be continuously burning for years to come…

  4. ErockCLE says:

    @rockermom58 It is, rockermom58. It really is. And I agree with Ms. ZImmer’s sentiments.

    Indeed, please keep alive.

  5. yadayadayadabla says:

    @xandersun91 Take a bow

  6. yadayadayadabla says:

    @pbleekm T_T

  7. xandersun91 says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  8. The90sRock1995 says:

    @xandersun91 Take a bow

  9. xandersun91 says:

    Someone knows the title of this Rihanna’s song? Sorry for the bad English…

  10. 1clockworkorange says:

    the story lines were just no good anymore (they never really came back from the original Danny and Michelle)

  11. bitehua says:

    SO MUCH happened that year

    I THINK PPL. WOULD HAVE CARED about gl if not so much things had happend that year
    like my michel jacksons death
    it was all about him

  12. pbleekm says:

    It’s been one whole year without Guiding Light. I still miss it very much. I wish there was facial expressions on this page because I’m crying.

  13. beadyslay says:

    I wonder if The Simpson’s Springfield is a parody of this Springfield

  14. beadyslay says:

    I wonder if Simpson’s Springfield is a parody of this Springfield

  15. beadyslay says:

    @rockermom58 coz soaps are boring and stupidly written

  16. kawandahall says:

    Makes me cry just seeing this! RIP GL. RIP ATWT.

  17. JONgal7 says:

    Shame on CBS! GL was the BEST!

  18. AdArmand says:

    In the early 90s, Guiding Light was written with all the care, conscience and passion of George Eliot’s Middlemarch.

  19. katie9918 says:

    I was so happy to see that Original Recipe Alan and Roger made the cut into this tribute, as well as a shot of the great Nola Reardon Chamberlain, Frank and Eleni… Though I wish there had been more clips from both the seventies and eighties, to show that GL was the gold standard long before Reva took over the show and they turned Phillip into a lunatic (which thankfully was fixed before the end) and there was an Alan before they turned him into a cartoon.

  20. TheJetsfanatic says:

    @whalers59 Your completely right somebody should start a website to show canceled soap operas. Or somehow start making new GL and ATWT episodes on the internet like the GL people tried to do by cutting their salaries.

  21. rekcufrats says:

    I miss Guiding Light soooo much! It was always a show I would turn to when I felt like I needed a friend…weird I know…but that’s how it felt.

  22. cowgirlamy1 says:

    Hands down GL was the best show on TV in its heyday. Nothing could touch it. Us fans warned TPTB for years the show was severely lacking in quality since 1998 but it fell on deaf/stupid ears. CBS, Les Moonves, and Proctor & Gamble shamefully abandoned this show after this show gave them so much loyalty and revenue over its years. I wish some of the big stars who got their start on GL would have paid tribute in the end. Julianne Moore did for ATWT and has my respect forever. That is class.

  23. BardleyCfan says:

    @giantsfan562001 ABC is bORING LIKE FUCK

  24. giantsfan562001 says:


  25. giantsfan562001 says:


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