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Days of our Lives: Tom Horton’s funeral (Part 1 of 8)

The funeral of Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) on Days of our Lives from 1994. Featuring Alice Horton (Frances Reid), Bo Brady (Robert Kelker-Kelly), Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), Kimberly Brady (Patsy Pease), Doug Williams (Bill Hayes), Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Days of our Lives: Tom Horton’s funeral (Part 1 of 8)”

  1. BlackWindowsPunisher says:

    This is so sad.

  2. entertainme3000 says:

    @sorcerer1975 well who cares? I never did like Kristian anyway.

  3. entertainme3000 says:

    @landrykkb exactly/ Robert did have a ton of fans. ppl need to quit dissing on Rob. It was not his fault/ It’s either Peter’s for gettting fried the first time around or the ppl behind the show. Robert had nothing to do with it. Ppl need to quit acting like he was some “homewrecker” with magic powers. It’s been proven he’s the best replacement acumen in daytime…,not a lot of ppl can say that. remember one of the Belle replacements? now THAT was horrible!

  4. entertainme3000 says:

    @DaysAWFAN so? what’s your poihnt?

  5. entertainme3000 says:

    @cherberrie those are opinions

  6. entertainme3000 says:

    @uys1 so what? I liked RKK’s Bo with Billie. Hope waited too long to come back from the dead…she just wanted to tease him! This is more about Tom Horton though,

  7. entertainme3000 says:

    @4everfancyface speak for yourself dirtbag, I LOVED RKK and Lisa was good too!

  8. entertainme3000 says:

    @SlyFoxDeveraux I don’t think she’s a witch, she’s HOT, in fact she looks younger now then in the 80′s(when she played a different character)

  9. SuperAlibaba88 says:

    @SlyFoxDeveraux if she is shes a really sexy witch

  10. keonta81 says:

    Hope and Lexie look sexy in this clip

  11. keonta81 says:

    @SlyFoxDeveraux yea she was 35 in that clip

  12. 4everfancyface says:

    RKK sucked as Bo, I never was impressed with his acting on Days. On AW he did a good job as Sam

  13. uys1 says:

    “Do you have any other ideas?” Would doing a DNA TEST be too logical to consider?! RKK and KA dont have any chem. I always thought RKKs Bo was too serious. PR is a more easy going and fun Bo. RKK doesnt potray very well that he had ever been in love with Hope. He should have been acting spellbound by this lookalike but he just came off as grim and bored but when PR took over, the chem heated up, and you could just tell that he had loved Hope and always would. I’d never ship RKK’s Bo with Hope

  14. anilora7 says:

    Wow! WALB-TV, Albany, GA! Watching the soaps in South Georgia! That brings back memories!

  15. cherberrie says:

    peter reckell is the only real bo brady.

  16. DaysAWFAN says:

    The only role i liked RKK in was Sam Fowler on Another World. I hated his Bo, and I loathed Bobby Reno on AW!

  17. landrykkb says:

    It wasn’t Robert Kelker-Kelly’s fault.He was hired to replace Peter Reckell in the first place,and I actually didn’t think he was that bad as Bo.

  18. sorcerer1975 says:

    yeah, evidently kristian ( hope ) thought so 2 … she’s one of the reasons he was booted from the show and pete reckell reprised the role …: )

  19. rjd257 says:

    WOW…. Robert Kelker-Kelly REALLY s-cks as Bo Brady !!! (lol) Bo would NEVER say “My Beautiful Sister” – that’s so “cookie-cutter !” Peter Reckell would have just grabbed her and shouted “KIMBER !”

    …and there is NO chemistry with Kristian…

    God, he is SO (expletive) STIFF…

  20. landrykkb says:

    It sure was,and it was as if we all knew Macdonald Carey so well.

  21. MoudhyQ8 says:

    yeah it on youtube

  22. furrypurrylove says:

    Thanks for clarifying! I didn’t watch Days regularly until 1985 so I really didn’t know Tom and Alice’s “kids” other than Mickey and Bill.

  23. nickatdusk says:

    Actually, Marie had a daughter with Alex Marshall. Her name is Jessica Fallon, and yes, she’s Nick Fallon’s mother. So yea, Marie would be Nick’s grandmother.

  24. furrypurrylove says:

    Mickey Horton (Sarah and Melissa’s father – Melissa was adopted), Bill Horton (Mike, Jenn and Lucas’ father), Marie (I don’t think she had any children, and was a nun last I knew), Tommy (who I think Nick Fallon was part of his descendants – grandchild or something?) and Addie (Julie’s and Hope’s mother and yes, the same Julie who is married to Hope’s father, Doug Williams; she is Hope’s half-sister) who was killed years ago.

  25. nhannosh says:

    Who are Tom and Alices Children. I know all the grandchildren like Jennifer and Maggie and Hope.

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