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Days of Our Lives – Melanie & Nathan eat a bowl of Cheerios

Far more classic item placement on Days.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Days of Our Lives – Melanie & Nathan eat a bowl of Cheerios”

  1. SRWB10 says:

    If this is what soaps have lowered to then they will die out- noone in their right mind would put up with watching this- do they still then screen proper ads in the shows break?

  2. FoundThatSOB says:

    Lol that is ridiculous.

  3. samsung889 says:

    “your totally gonna ace this test !”
    “thanks to you ;)
    “no…..thanks to cheerios”

  4. TripleAMom1 says:

    So funny!!!!!!!!

  5. irtac0 says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  6. AllUrUtubeRbelong2me says:

    I had no idea soap opera’s had reached this level of desperation. I remember them being horrible when I was a kid and seeing my mom watch them. But if I was an actor on one of these shows, and they made me do entire scenes built around Cheerios, I would locate the tallest building in the area, and do a swan dive off the top floor. I would try to aim for a 7UP or snack vending machine on the way down.

  7. fodsaks says:

    “Oh my God… I can’t believe you’ve shot your own father! He’s… He’s dead!”

    “Of course he is, that’s because I use… Nosler bullets. You see, Nosler bullets have been made using the finest precision craftsmanship since 1924. They fly truer than any other bullet on the marketplace and hold their shape even on hard impacts’”

    “Wow, I guess he never stood a chance against Nosler bullets.”

    “Sure didnt. Here… You try.”

  8. kimberlystheb says:

    I want Nathan back on the show asap!!!!!!

  9. Mr123Pauli says:

    LOL OMG! the cheesiest, corniest thing I have ever seen!

  10. theslurm says:


  11. Caskader says:

    When does the fucking start?

  12. SumDuud says:

    This is why I never could get into these crappy shows… that is supposed to be acting?

  13. jesic says:

    W O W

  14. lrigbvkc says:

    “Everything sounds better with an accent!”

  15. WillBueche says:

    Either that box is a custom-made gargantuan box, or the cast are all four feet tall.

  16. YoungOscarWinner says:

    Molly is laughable in this show she does. You can see that she has no acting talent.

  17. test804 says:

    fakest yawn ever

  18. MildManNerd says:

    What’s tomorrow?…They’re greEEEEAAAT! :P

  19. HomemadeCafe says:

    Even his yawn is fake…

  20. Vares65 says:

    I wonder how much Kelloggs paid for that?

  21. aveiceae says:

    yet another reason to avoid soap operas like the plague

  22. frogsoda says:

    @SottileGioia This show has been on almost as long as there have been “days”.

  23. aprilgenet says:

    @SottileGioia haha Friend’s didn’t make up Days of Our Lives. it’s been a soap opera for yeaaaarrrrs.

  24. suarezstyle says:

    Can’t watch this without cringing all over. Jebus.

  25. DRAMDMA says:

    HAHAHA!! This isn’t your standard 110volt plug!!!

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