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Days of Our Lives: Darin Brooks

Soap Star Darin Brooks goes one on one with Hollywood 411′s Chris Harrison to talk about DAYS OF OUR LIVES and his charity Tag The World.
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25 Responses to “Days of Our Lives: Darin Brooks”

  1. jp801snow says:

    Fuck Days of Our Lives or what ever that is, BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE BITCHES!!!!

  2. watermelondonnelly says:

    Alex Moran!!

  3. TheJennymusic says:

    Max Brady is so hot!!!
    I love him i have a crash on him

  4. TIPTON340 says:

    Sexy and funny.

  5. TheMrWolfgang says:

    BMS all daa waayyy. Haa, show is awesome.

  6. samsonman2 says:

    I only know him from Blue Mountain State

  7. roligt22 says:

    he’s sooooo hooootttt!

  8. xx0eetje0xx says:


  9. nasibification says:

    ohhh, he is sooo hot

  10. ursurskiss says:

    hottttt i love him (L)

  11. backstabber31 says:

    Blue Mountain State. Nuff said.

  12. btmonje says:

    Blue Mountain State is hilarious…..

  13. tracy28601 says:

    I agree

  14. khscheer01 says:

    actualy days didnt let him go, darin said himself that he decided to leave on his own to pursue other option, he actualy has a new tv show coming out on spike tv january 10th the show looks alot like friday night lights meets greek and darin plays the lead in the show so be sure to check it out and dool left it open so he could return so who knows maybe will max brady will return someday so cross your fingers!

  15. bhindthosegreeneyes says:

    Dammit I can’t believe days let him go.
    I hope he returns

  16. MzLoathsome says:

    hes so funny.

  17. staxjannyfan says:

    He always makes me laugh. He has grown up so much in the past three years.

  18. ssandradee199 says:

    this guy resembles a young Johnny Depp

  19. WelfareChrist says:

    Low-cut asshugin shitkickers

  20. WelfareChrist says:

    I used to go to school with him and he used to be a girl.

  21. TRM77 says:

    Does someone know what jeansbrand/type he is wearing?

  22. Ayaan1095 says:

    he is cute

  23. aznsmile13 says:

    I Would soo notice Darin if i was walking on the streets He is sooo HOT!!!! and Cute
    i am a Major Fan of Him and Shelley Hennig and tons of the Days Cast!!!!!Loving Days always

  24. khscheer01 says:

    i would defianitly walk up to him if i saw him in the streets to bad i don’t live anywhere in la oh well you never know i love him his the reason why i watch dool he so hot and nice hope they never kill max brady off cause his my favorite love you darin we have the same birthday may 27th i thought that was cool anyways keep up the great work.

  25. preciousxpony says:

    I met a guy who is seriously IDENTICAL to him.
    Ugh, Darin you’re soo beautiful-I want your babies :)

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