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David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign

On the “Late Show,” David Letterman talks about John McCain suspending his campaign in order to solve the economic problems.
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25 Responses to “David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign”

  1. letstalkaboutstuff says:

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  2. kingorbit says:

    dont phuck with dave

  3. blackalbino360 says:

    Its funny, because McCain skipped the show for his campaign, which was so that he can get more voters. But he skipped the show, which gave him bad ratings, which gave him LESS voters, LOL.

  4. TheWhyRemember says:

    no reason arrest . newsvine . com

  5. humboldtus says:

    This was one of the greatest moments in Letterman’s talk show history! This may be the reason McCain lost the Presidency.

  6. Futurecop2012 says:

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  7. itsGratisFreebies says:

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  9. Inediblehulk says:

    Vote for Crispin Glover! At least he’s punctual.

  10. UponInfinity says:

    @enjoyitbro Well, the road to the white house does go through him.

  11. redwinmedia says:

    Cap’n Cratchety. What happened to the World’s Most Dangerous Host?

  12. carlyle101 says:

    You don’t mess with David Letterman. That job’s reserved for Leno.

  13. dbr712 says:

    LOL! McCain got PWN’d!

  14. Wavecurve says:

    Still hilarious!

  15. funnyapples1 says:

    743 ppl are republicans

  16. The8347135 says:

    haha David’s pissed!

  17. BlackMysticFire says:

    i hate you. i absolutly hate you cuz ur a fucking jerk ass douche! i also hate mcCain…no relation to y i hate u…bitch! u kno y!

  18. enjoyitbro says:

    lol I love Dave thinks everything is about him what a cynical washed up hareful douchebag

  19. chaos42088 says:

    HA HA HA!!!

  20. SingstaMay says:

    dave’s the best

  21. 1234blahluv says:

    @a211pc right like you conservatives make america such a happy place.

  22. EnricoFantini says:

    …and he’s now on Rachael Ray’s show making Veal Piccata!

  23. dtmatrsf says:

    3:08 “Crater?? I barely know her!” hahaha

  24. basehead617 says:

    paul’s “that is so true” just killed me

  25. eliasmouawad says:

    Search For the series
    Part 5 uploaded

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