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David Bowie – Queen Bitch on the Old Grey Whistle Test

This is a live BBC television look from 1972 on a show Named the Old Grey Whistle Test. This was a show that had performances from all the most well-known acts of the time. Bowie looks great and sounds far better. I have much more of this show as well.
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25 Responses to “David Bowie – Queen Bitch on the Old Grey Whistle Test”

  1. Zontertes says:

    Before Abraham was, Bowie is.

  2. therealitychecker says:

    Ronno – never forgotten – still the greatest.

  3. earthly666 says:

    David bowie forever!!!!!!!!

  4. linorf says:

    i heard he went to his local garage and asked them to spray his guitar blue then TAH DAH

  5. 3Bowiefan says:

    @TheDorr71 Exactly the songs of today completely lack creativity they all say the same thing [Lets party get really drunk and make lots of dirty love and thats all we'll do for the rest of our sad sorry lives] and thats it!! I like interesting songs not total brothel related woe fests. Right thats my angry rant for today.=D
    Bowie forever<3<3<3

  6. jimpedigo says:

    David and Mick, 2 brilliant minds. We miss you Mick.

  7. aramhampson says:

    @RoomNineOhTwo gag-uh sucks bigtime

  8. siouxie921 says:

    David Bowie & Mick Ronson: a marriage made in heaven.

  9. junkers290 says:

    Definitely my favourite Bowie song. Also that is the only painted acoustic guitar that I have ever seen. Has anyone else ever seen one?

  10. KUTVgroucho says:

    Bowie doing the Velvet Underground.

  11. markf237 says:

    I’m a big Bowie fan. I dig this song, I remember when the album was released.

  12. seanykinz says:

    my dad showed me this video..

  13. ccujohn says:

    @RoomNineOhTwo Lady Gag*me doesn’t belong in the paragraph as Bowie, let alone sentence.

  14. jeffleoncomedy says:

    Mick Ronson was a blessing to any band he played with.

  15. botbagel says:

    @TheThinduke01 most assuredly truth!!!!!!

  16. DavidTransformer says:

    Remember the days at the Glasgow Appollo. Ronson on guitar just took the roof off the place. Man was a GOD!!!

  17. tiponin23 says:

    Mick Ronson, nice to see you again my friend.

  18. MegaMumbles says:

    Ahh the Electric guitar reminds me so much of the early punk rock.

  19. TheThinduke01 says:

    lady gaga could not lace his boots

  20. nankerism says:

    great version of a killer song. mick ronson’s dynamite. wow, what a band!!!

  21. beckjuly100 says:

    @CanOfMinus beautiful! ;)

  22. Moon27 says:

    Love this song! I actually kind of like his boots lol I wouldn’t mind wearing them myself!

  23. ronnogold says:

    I love this. Bowie and Ronson were separately brilliant, but together they were just unearthly good. Bowie has worked with some great musicians and he certainly knows fine musicianship. Ronno is knucklebiting adorable here, I love to watch his hands on his guitar..I’m certain there was magic in what he did. Every little moment of this is just sublime.

  24. TheDorr71 says:

    @3Bowiefan How I love this song.Nothing compares with it today, although todays music is at a creative stand still

  25. 3Bowiefan says:

    Bowie looks so lovely in this vid, i love the twitchy dancing and the wave he does at the end<3<3=)

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