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Davey and Goliath – PSA – “Working Together” – Disasters

In this public service announcement produced for radio and television, Davey reassures Goliath that no matter what happens, God is there through the people who help after a disaster.
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25 Responses to “Davey and Goliath – PSA – “Working Together” – Disasters”

  1. Critchy39 says:

    Not being funny. But the two people arguing should do it on their personal pages and stop annoying everyone else.

  2. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 Volunteering for military service makes me a “country tool?” LOL I guess that’s what pussies like you say to make yourselves feel better about doing absolutely nothing for their country. Not to mention you just don’t have the balls to join the military. You spineless fucking wanker. You keep touting your education, yet it’s obvious to everyone reading your posts, that you’re an uneducated little bitch. So insecure about your capabilities that you hide behind vague claims of knowledge.

  3. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 First off, it’s College. Secondly the terms College and University and used interchangeably in the states. Where I went to school, was a “University,” however.

    The Queen’s English, from a country whose ass we fucked up. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure England sucks American cock whenever any international decisions are made. Canada… do you have veto power in the UN? Didn’t think so. You obviously didn’t learn shit, since you still can’t spell.

  4. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr You still don’t know the difference between Kolleg and University. My education has got me everywhere. I’ve consulted in your neck of the woods while I lived in the UK, during my second degree.

    In any case, you still are full of shit, so this conversation is over. Go clean your rifle. Don’t shoot your little DETHROKR dick off, kid. During all this, you certainly haven’t proven yourself a moron. Pfffft.

  5. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr Stripped from me? LOL. Obviously your Kollege degree didn’t tell you why your White House is white. If you can actually read, go look it up. Also, country names are capitalized. What didn’t I spell correctly? Or did you miss that Canadians use the Queen’s English? You know, the country you inbred Americans abandoned? I have balls because I learned something, instead of bailing out and being a country tool like you are. Your “psych”? LOL.

    You aren’t self-sufficient. LOL

  6. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 “…pathetic church. It’s an organization that prays upon people, a club with its own agenda.”

    Prays upon people… 3 college degrees and this is what you come up with. You’re really fucking pathetic. Even a “dumb Marine” like me can see that. What field do you work in again? Oh, probably tilling the fields. Since your education has gotten you nowhere.

  7. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 Oh you’re not from my “pathetic country.” You’re canadian? So basically you rely on my country to not have your pathetic country stripped from you? 3 university´╗┐ degrees and you STILL can’t fucking spell? LOL Wow, Canada must be fucking bad. Military vet at age 26? Sounds great to me, grow some balls bitch. DethRokr comes from the music I listen to, has nothing to do with my psych. I don’t need to ask my government for anything you socialist fuck. I’m self sufficient.

  8. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr Wow you really are stupid. I am not from your pathetic country. GED? LOL I have 3 university degrees, lunatic. College educated. Hahahaha.

    Listen, you are a military vet at the age of 26, not too smart, and your username is DethRokr. It seems you have some serious issues. Ask your government for some help. Maybe they can recommend a good doctor for you, or maybe even a church.

  9. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 Yeah, how embarrassing of me to have the balls to fight for this country. So that your dumb ass can keep spouting off like a 12 year old school girl. You call me uneducated? Yet you don’t know the difference between the words Pray and Prey? You’re telling me you were in school past my age? Took you THAT LONG to get your GED? Guess what, I AM college educated you fucking idiot. I’m educated from the class room to the battlefield. Your only education I’m guessing is construction. Fool.

  10. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr You are the one that ran off to a war, not me. You fail.

  11. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr Look, child, I was in school past your age. So either you have no education, or are just a rambling fool. LOL marine. So you’re a meathead then, right? No education? Couldn’t get a job, so you grabbed a rifle? Well done.

    Now that you’re out of the tough-guy parade, get some education.

  12. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 Even more humorous is the fact that you would assume I’m catholic. The irony of that much entertains me. I hate the catholic church for destroying my ancestors history. The catholic monks that destroyed the Norse stories and nearly all of the mythology, save for a few rune carvings, enrages me. I’d love to see “the church” collapse. But you keep on assuming that I’m religious. Because apparently it’s the only defense you have when someone clearly shows what a fucking moron you are.

  13. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 I’m not defending religion, I’m bashing a moron like yourself. Your age is listed at 90, so either you’re lying sack of shit (likely) or you’re out of touch with reality from your senility. Next up, I’m an Honorably Discharged Infantry Marine (by choice, could do any job in the military) who served in Iraq, you faggot fuck. So I’d be glad to cut you open and show you your innards. And finally, I’m not religious you idiot, why would I deny religion if I so vehemently supported it?

  14. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr Should I? LOL. You clearly are religious, because you are defending it. You’re 26, you fool. Go get a job, you kid. Hey maybe you can work at your local church. I’m sure the priest would be interested in your skinny ass.

  15. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 You should take your own advice and run along. You clearly don’t understand how and why you’re wrong. It’s not evident that I’m religious, the only reason I saw this video was because it was “related” to a Moral Orel video, which is clearly mocking religion. However, I would like to congratulate you on FINALLY succeeding in writing two short paragraphs without a single misspelling or grievous grammatical error. Oh and I’d be happy to meet you and beat your “internet tough guy” ass.

  16. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr I can’t read or write? Obviously I can. I also realize how much of a religious moron you are. It is quite evident that you are religious.

    Oh, and I am educated. Much more than you are. I can promise you that. Regardless of how many lists you make. The only thing you have shown is that you can count to 6. Now run along.

  17. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 The best part about this whole discussion. Is that with each message you post, you reveal a brand new side of yourself. Each and every time, it’s absolutely hilarious. Let’s look at the growing list

    1. You can’t read
    2. You can’t write
    3. You can’t comprehend irony
    4. You don’t understand when, how, or why you’re wrong
    5. You still think I’m religious. (See #1)
    6. You keep responding, thinking somehow by digging a deeper hole, you’ll find your way toward being the educated one here.

  18. DethRokr says:

    “You don’t PRAY upon people, dork.”
    –No SHIT you idiot, that’s why I was MOCKING you when you said:

    “…church. It’s an organization that prays upon people, a club with its own agenda.”
    –Of course you don’t PRAY upon people.

    “you obvioussy show you are´╗┐ half my age.”
    –This is why I can tell that your “10 years” of science are nothing compared my many many years of both education and real world experience. I “obvioussy show” ??? Really? You can’t spell a single thing properly.

  19. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr …and me being an Atheist, it not the start. My background is fully based in real Science. Close to 10 years of real science.

    With your last comments, you obvioussy show you are half my age. If you would like to meet up, I’d be happy to show you some discipline and teach you some remedial things you obviously don’t understand.

    How about that, idiot?

  20. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr LOL…believe me, twit, that I have WAY more education on real things than you ever will. You don’t PRAY upon people, dork. I have more than one degree in Science. It takes little effort to “bash” the religious. You obviously are one of those suckers.

    Oh, and yes, I am an educated person. By formal reasons, and otherwise. Religion, as stated by other people, demonstrated by regular news, is something you apparently missed. Again, too much time in church.

  21. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 In fact, I can’t wait for you to lose all hope. When you find yourself a complete failure in life, at everything you attempt to accomplish. When you’ve lost everything because of your devout and unshakable ignorance. It’s going to be beautiful. Because you won’t turn to God or anyone for help. So sure of your false ability. So instead you’ll wallow in your failure and maybe work up the courage to finally fucking kill yourself. It’ll be beautiful. I wish I could be there to watch….

  22. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 It’s absolutely incredible that you think yourself to be an educated person. YOU are what’s wrong with the world, not religion. Because it’s fucking zealots of stupidity like yourself that ruin everything, religion included. If you were religious, you’d be one of those people out there screaming damnation toward the “wicked.” Since you’re atheist, you do the same but without any structure to back you. So instead you just make a fool of yourself. Everywhere you go people laugh at you.

  23. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 lol, you really are an ignorant shit.

    Prey: to be harmed or affected in a bad way by (someone or something)
    Pray: to speak to God especially in order to give thanks or to ask for something

    PRAY is religious, you fucking ignoramus. PREY is the word you MEANT to use. So don’t talk about science when you can barely speak English. “fuckiin dumdass” lol… and for the record: I never said I was religious. I just find it amusing when fucking idiots like you try to bash the religious.

  24. BeeRich33 says:

    @DethRokr Hey you stupid fuckiin dumdass. Prey is a word that comes from something religious morons like you don’t understand. Your beliefs are kind of like what television shows you watch.

    Ironic that the next time your priest rapes you in the ass, you run off to a hospital, a house of science. Next time you fail, go back to a church and pray your dumbass into the future.

    Religious people don’t know reality, but they demand it when in need.


  25. DethRokr says:

    @BeeRich33 Hello dumbass… look up the difference between the words: Pray and Prey. Clearly someone as stupid as you has no right to look down upon anyone for their ‘stupid beliefs.’ UPON!!! You’re offended by people who tell you to believe in god? Wow, I figured you for a dimwitted whiny little bitch… but I didn’t realize just how thin your skin really is. You probably get hurt seeing a cross. When someone prays, you weep in agony. Another crybaby atheist who can’t handle real life. Sad.

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