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Dating Game

Dating Game

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In her 57th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel brilliantly chronicles the roller-coaster ride of dating the second time around—and tells a captivating story of the surprises one woman encounters when she’s thrust into the terrifying, exhilaratin

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5 Responses to “Dating Game”

  1. Tracy says:

    Review by Tracy for Dating Game
    I must agree with the reader who just wanted to scream “Get a dog!” The first half of the book was good, and I sympathized with Paris. Then she moves to a new city and a great job falls in her lap. After a few bad dates and failing to make any real friends, she decides that she needs a baby. Never mind that it is mentioned over and over again that she works such loooooong hours, often getting home after 10:00 PM. Never mind that in real life, nobody gets to adopt a healthy infant within two weeks. Never mind that all Paris needed to do was *get a life*!All I got out of this book was the lesson that I really need to try reading something with more substance.

  2. K. Morgan says:

    Review by K. Morgan for Dating Game
    Paris Armstrong is the perfect wife and mother of two grown children. She lives in a beautiful house in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her perfect world is shattered when her husband of twenty-four years, Peter, announces after a dinner party that he is leaving her for another woman. One who is barely older than their daughter. Paris is distraught to say the least and tries to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. Part of this process includes her moving to the West Coast and finding a job. There she meets Bixby Mason, party planner extraordinaire! She becomes friends with Bixby and through his encouragement decides to get back into the “dating game”. This book was an OK read. I felt sorry for Paris at first when Peter dumped her and thought he was a jerk. It was good to know that Danielle Steel could still write about people and pull the proper emotion out of me. I quickly became bored though when she moved to California and started dating. Her dates were funny but they all seemed the same. The storyline seemed to me to get stuck halfway through the book. It was like Danielle Steel got Paris to California and then didn’t know what to do with her. The direction of the book appeared to be going nowhere fast. I am getting a little tired of reading about women who are treated badly by their husbands and that is what the last few Steel novels have been. It also seems to me as if she’s bringing in the same quirky characters but with different names, example: Bixby Mason. I loved this character, he definitely added entertainment to the story, but wasn’t he in a previous novel but with a different name? Ms. Steel’s characters all seem to be the same anymore.I am beginning to wonder if Ms. Steel hasn’t run out of ideas. After 50+ books maybe she is. I see she is due to have another book released this year. Hopefully it will be better. Although Dating Game was a somewhat enjoyable read I still prefer her earlier works. They are much more entertaining and worthy of the title “bestseller”.

  3. Quinn Wyatt says:

    Review by Quinn Wyatt for Dating Game
    This is by far my favorite of Danielle Steel’s novels. The character development is exquisite. Totally believable. She takes her time telling the story in this unabridged edition, and if you are listening to this story for the first time, this is the version I would highly recommend. I love the way the main character thinks things through, logically and thoroughly. Even as a fictitious character, she serves as an inspiration to women. I still think she should have clocked the “other woman” over the head with the punch bowl at her daughter’s wedding, but she’s so likable I can forgive her diplomacy. If you are a fan of Ms. Steel, you will love this book.

  4. Gail Cooke says:

    Review by Gail Cooke for Dating Game
    With numerous stage, film and television roles to his credit Sam Freed gives a bravura reading of Danielle Steel’s 57th novel. What would it be like to return to the singles’ scene after 24 years of marriage? Listeners will discover just how it might be with “Dating Game.” Being tossed aside for a younger model is a story probably as old as men and women. Nonetheless, it was a completely new and an excruciatingly painful scenario for Paris Armstrong. She had two grown children, a satisfying life, a lovely Connecticut home, and a contented husband – or so she thought until he bluntly asked for a divorce. She ached, she wept; she was inconsolable. Nevertheless, she knew she must go on. As might be expected friends rallied round bringing with them any number of impossible suitors. None could hold a candle to Peter, the former husband whom she still loved. Deciding that distance might assuage her heartbreak Paris moved West – all the way to San Francisco. There were men there, too; all of them wrong for her. And, of all things, her daughter would soon marry a man her age. Yet, as in many Steel novels there are lessons to be learned in disappointment and joy to be found in the most unexpected places. A veteran yarn spinner, Steel weaves another trip on the rocky roads of romance that her fans will relish. – Gail Cooke

  5. smartnurse123 says:

    Review by smartnurse123 for Dating Game
    Paris Armstrong’s husband of 24 yrs decided one day that he had enough of the marriage and wanted a divorce. Paris was devastated. She did not see it coming. After struggling over the loss, she decided to move to San Francisco to be near her children. After she settled into her new life, she started dating. She ended up going out with a string of losers one right after the other. Eventually she stopped looking and by coincidence she ran into someone who was suitable. A happy and romantic ending!

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