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Dark Shadows Episode 1 Part 1

The very first episode of the classic gothic soap opera Dark Shadows such as commercials which aired from 1966 to 1971. It was the first daytime plan to feature supernatural elements which includes ghosts, witches, werewolves and a 175-year old vampire named Barnabas Collins.
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25 Responses to “Dark Shadows Episode 1 Part 1”

  1. fallenfireangel1 says:

    ok i have watched the ONLY season of the 1991 dark shadows and i want more…the older one lasted from how long 66 to 71? if i can watch the full episodes of the 1991 version y cant people put the full episode of the original on for people to watch??? i hate tid bit teases…

  2. Salieri21 says:

    Was that Graig’s father the senator in Darma & Graig @ 5:38 ????

  3. EmbraceMe711 says:

    What’s wrong with Banger?

  4. jazztap64 says:

    I need to get me some Off bug repellant!

  5. Demithegoddess says:

    Yay! It’s Edward Montgomery! I’m just happy that he was young at one point. Only ever seen him as an old old guy. (I.E. Lethal Weapon, Dharma and Greg)

  6. RoyalUsher says:

    @Todd1971 LOL, that is funny!

  7. RoyalUsher says:

    @101ChrisTube To each his own and plz avoid the vulgar language.

  8. Ajuvel says:

    04:02 … lol

  9. Todd1971 says:

    LOL, … ” kids needs more iron, ” thats why Barnabas uses One A Day blood capsules. The “irony” .. lol

  10. GoldieOkeefe says:

    @launwatch why buy when u can rent from netflix

  11. GoldieOkeefe says:

    @launwatch – my library has the series & so does netflix

  12. GoldieOkeefe says:

    @dongtingwong so what!

  13. dongtingwong says:

    Louis Edmonds was a flaming homo.

  14. dongtingwong says:

    This show was a huge breakthrough for gays. A flaming homosexual on daytime tv in 1966!

  15. 101ChrisTube says:

    @RoyalUsher fuck twilight

  16. RoyalUsher says:

    They BETTER not mess up the movie. The movie better be just like this crossed up with Twilight!

  17. launwatch says:

    Respond to this video… Try website Ioffer they’ve got the complete series

  18. launwatch says:

    @Seeker3k go to .They’ve got the complete series.

  19. mrgb46 says:

    @elmsreetlover but,they would probably make the vampires more like the ones in Twilight and ruin the whole thing..

  20. vassilli19910666 says:

    @elmsreetlover haven’t heard about the movie huh…

  21. elmsreetlover says:

    they need to remake this see if any better

  22. acrobatsutr says:

    the commercials seem so much better back then.
    these days commercials suck. some dont even make sense at all

  23. toreswe says:

    the commercials were better back then

  24. guyluvsbeauty says:

    @colormagicsky3: I doubt Tim Burton is going to consider a composition from a mental patient. Anyone that would take the time to post the same thing over and over, has to be over the edge. Maybe you should consider another alternative of getting your music into movies.

  25. marekara says:

    This was my favorite show – I taped the whole series on VHS when it was on Scifi channel. Love that it was Johnny Depp’s favorite show too and he is coming out with a movie soon :)

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