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Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7


In 1795, after being convicted of witchcraft, Victoria Winters waits to be hung at the gallows. Peter Bradford vows they’ll be together again someday. In 1968, Victoria reappears during a seance at Collinwood and Barnabas fears that she has learned h

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  1. joe449 says:

    Review by joe449 for Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7
    I love Dark Shadows, and Collection 7 contains some of my favorite episodes from the 5 year series. Ever since it was announced that the series was coming out on DVD, I had been looking forward to this set very much.Victoria Winters returns from her inexplicable journey into the year 1795, and from the minute she re-appears, very strange events begin to occur at Collinwood. Victoria unexplainably purchases a portrait of the evil Angelique. A man with a striking resemblence to Peter Bradford enters her life suddenly. Roger begins to think he’s Joshua Collins, then disappears in the middle of the night, only to return later, horrifying his family with announcement of a new wife, Cassandra (Angelique with a black wig). Other memorable highlights from Collection 7 include:– Barnabas’ reaction to the portrait of Angelique and what happens when he tries to destoy it.
    – Cassandra/Angelique’s dream curse which terrifies a whole string of people, most notably Maggie Evans.
    – Dr. Eric Lang exposing Barnabas to daylight for the first time in 200 years.
    – The introduction of Julia Hoffman’s radical haircut, which Barnabas and Victoria both comment on.
    – And most important for John Karlen fans — the return of Willie Loomis after a long absence!There’s some great episodes here, and some outstanding performances, especially from Jonathan Frid and Louis Edmonds. Sink your teeth in and enjoy!

  2. A viewer says:

    Review by A viewer for Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7
    The 1795 Flashback wraps up in Collection 7 (VHS Volumes 45-52). In 1795, Nathan Forbes discovers Barnbas Collins’ secret and plans to kill him, however Barnabas strangles him before he does. Joshua Collins then chains him up in his coffin, thinking he will never be released. Victoria Winters is hung and she returns to the present. In 1968, Barnabas fears that she has learned his secret and he bites her. After Victoria agrees to go away with Barnabas, they are involved in a car accident that leaves them both hospitalized. Barnabas is treated by the mysterious Dr. Eric Lang, who allows him to see sunlight for the first time in almost 200 years. Lang offers to permanetly cure Barnabas through a bizarre experiment where he will transfer his life force into another body. Roger Collins returns to Collinwood after some time away and introduces his new wife Cassandra Collins, whom Barnabas and Victoria realize is actually Angelique, the witch from 1795. In a dream Cassandra vows to return the curse to Barnabas. She eventually kills Dr. Lang, but the experiment is performed and the man-made creature Adam comes to life.Overall I thought these episodes were good, but not as good as 1795. They just don’t seem “scary” enough. But still good nonetheless.Bonuses include interviews with Nancy Barrett, Kathryn Leigh Scott, director Lela Swift, and photographer Ben Martin.

  3. Thomas Santomartino says:

    Review by Thomas Santomartino for Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7
    Victoria Winters returns from the past to be haunted by vague memories of the horrors sustained by the Collins family. This set introduces a “mad scientist” like doctor who promises to help Barnabus where Julia Hoffman failed, but does he also have his own evil hidden agenda?

    The variation in story line provided by this set breathes a breath of freshness into the series. It is a well needed change that fans of the show will enjoy.

  4. Karen L. O'neal says:

    Review by Karen L. O’neal for Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7

    Grew up with Dark Shadows. Enjoy watching it now with my daughter. This one keeps you clued to the t.v.

  5. Scott J. Sedei says:

    Review by Scott J. Sedei for Dark Shadows DVD Collection 7
    Victoria Winters makes the transition back to modern day from 1795. Several new characters are introduced including Dr. Eric Lang and his experiment – a Frankenstein like creature that becomes spiritually connected to Barnabas; and Professor Stokes who is the descendant of Ben Stokes, who was Barnabas’ loyal servant in 1795. Several old characters are reintroduced into the program including Willie and Angelique. Special effects are par for the period of production, but collection seven is immensely entertaining and I am looking forward to collection eight.

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