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Dark Shadows Bloopers (Pt 1 of 4)

bloopers from the 1960′s gothic soap opera See more flubs on Steveo’s channel:
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25 Responses to “Dark Shadows Bloopers (Pt 1 of 4)”

  1. Piewacket53 says:

    LOL Great Stuff,
    They did this live and made lot’s of bloopers.
    I have around 200 VCR tapes of nothing but Dark Shadow’s.

  2. burtonrules123 says:

    judge this girl INNOCENT….until proved INNOCENT….

  3. burtonrules123 says:

    how fortunat….haha, how….UNFORTUNATE..

  4. TroyOi says:

    @StarnightStargazer Well, thanks for affirming that I’m not delusional. Or at least, if I am, that that’s one less piece of evidence they can use against me when they lock me up. ;-)

  5. StarnightStargazer says:

    @TroyOi Yup, it’s true, but I don’t know if it’s anywhere on youtube, but I’ve seen it on my DVD copy plus I’ve seen Johnathan Frid tell the story of it on a youtube video.

  6. Simon5005 says:

    I remember watching this in the mid-60′s after school…………the B&W episodes are so much creepier than the color…………to me, anyway. Some of these bloopers are hard to detect since they keep right on with the scene, but still amusing.

  7. maryfbex says:

    Wow! I watched Dark Shadows everyday after school! I believe it was on either before of after General Hospital (which was only 1/2 hour back then). I was addicted to Quentin. I can’t believe I thought he was the cutest thing on TV on at the Saturday matinees at the Paramount Theatre in Fields Corner, Dorchester, MA.

  8. EddieLandsberg says:

    I love that show to death, but they were making making bloopers on that show even when they weren’t making bloopers… that’s what made it great…!!!

  9. firebrand07 says:

    This is hilarious! Got to hand it to them for doing all they can to recover with ad libs. Thanx for the laugh.

  10. chimpinaflightsuit38 says:

    @rldavis1959 That was super awesome. LOLOLOL!

  11. mrsag088 says:

    @OneWorldGoneAry He acts so casual when he’s swatting it lol.

  12. TroyOi says:

    I was in high school when Dark Shadows was big, but only saw a couple of episodes. I could swear though, that I remember some girls coming into school one day & saying that, in the previous day’s episode, Barnabas’ false teeth fell out as he was about to bite some victim’s neck. Is that true? And if so, is it anywhere here on youtube?

  13. SandyBurnell says:

    Classic stuff

  14. OneWorldGoneAry says:

    The Best @ 9:19 the fly on Barnabas’s forehead hahahahahah and @ 9:35 him swating at one rotfl

  15. TheCandyGirl58 says:

    I wasn’t born when this first came out, I just started watching the episodes a few months ago, but I already love them. :D

  16. Zeetana1 says:

    What a LOL soap.

  17. Nergaladdictchic says:

    I’m almost sixteen and I’ve been watching this show for as long as I can remember, perhaps even before that! I watched the show on Sci-fi with my mom, and I was really put out about it when they stopped showing it. Of course, I was deliriously happy when the series came out on DVD.

  18. Bojangles886 says:

    I grew up watching Dark Shadows. Had to run home from school every day to see it. Now my kids are watching it. and love it.

  19. AmericanPowerBase says:

    @imaboygenius No- it was a matter of SOV (shot on video) and the difficulties of editing shots on video-tape back in the 1960′s. The technologies had not quite been developed.

  20. AmericanPowerBase says:

    @leia176oo Not exactly true. Like most soaps of the 60′s DS was shot on video. Back then editing video was more trouble than it was worth. Whole scenes could be lost trying to edit one bloop. Time was also a constraint since they had to have five shows per week, but the bloops were left in mostly because of the low tech available for video editing.

  21. TheCatJoker says:

    Love the fly. Wish Obama had been more forbearing with his.

  22. rayzencent says:

    This is one of the reasons why DS is a favorite of mine. The bloopers make the entire series so charming… especially Johnathan’s when the other actors look at him as if they could kick his ass for screwing up. I think he and Grayson were running neck and neck when it came to forgetting their lines and making them up.

  23. FlamingoKicker says:

    All soap operas are pretty much filmed on the fly. One takes only.
    This ain’t high art.

  24. GhostryderRebel says:

    Yep Abe Vigoda was on two of the episode of Dark Shadows and Kate Jackson who potrayed Daphne Harriage and she has the role on early 70s TV Show called The Rookies and then Charlie Angels and do you remember Abe Vigoda who was on Barney Miller as Detective Phillip K Fish there was a spinoff Called Fish it didnt lasted that very long!

  25. nosferatu388 says:

    Loved the show as a kid….Love it as an adult who still watches it on vhs (50 tapes) in two boxes….Look for cameo by Abe Vigoda he looks the same now. And who can forget Charlie’s future Angel Kate Jackson towards the series end.

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