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Dark Shadows – Barnabas & Burke.

One of my favorite scenes from 1967

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  1. ChadEnjoysSailing says:

    @blozier2006 Thanks!

  2. blozier2006 says:

    @ChadEnjoysSailing it’s called “#1 At The Blue Whale” & it’s on the official Dark Shadows soundtracks

  3. blozier2006 says:

    i think Jonathan Frid directly referenced this scene in an interview he gave some years ago, said it was a personal favorite of his… that interview, BTW is here on YT, if you guys wanna see it…

  4. islandsylph says:

    I used to watch this when I was a very little girl. I can barely remember it. I loved it.

  5. darkprose says:

    The funny thing is that Burke basically takes what was such a fantastic subtext of the show from the beginning — intimation, allusion, metaphor, saying something without saying it — and makes it the text of their conversation.

  6. shelton442 says:

    I guess Baranabas didn’t drink because he was of the living dead

  7. abraxasaron says:

    Jonathon Frid looks a little like Mr. Bean

  8. abraxasaron says:

    Jonathon Frid looks a little like Mr. Bean

  9. Benzenering1004 says:

    I just finished a book by Clive Barker named The Damnation Game. This scene is similar to the banter between Mr. Whitehead and Mamoulian and the card game that is played for ones soul.

  10. RPenta says:


    Stop worrying so much about Barnabas–worry about who will play Maggie Evans, Angelique, Julia Hoffman, and most of all Victoria Winters, the supporting cast although too many fans forget-the center of the series was Victoria-the human as opposed to the inhuman ones–too bad we will not see the Phoenix or Court Petofi in the first movie.

  11. looneysinger says:

    @VictoriaWinters1991 jonathan frid was never married.

  12. looneysinger says:

    jonathan frid was never married. i read he has been single all his life

  13. SweeneyTodd98 says:

    @ColonelPhillipGreen True that Johnny Depp will not be the same,but let’s hope for the best that he will put on a great performance.Of course it was his childhood dream to play Barnabas:)

  14. DJas118 says:

    … Of course, as I said, i haven’t seen that SL in its entirety. Anyone please feel free to fill me in if you know more about their relationship. But it just seemed right there that he harbored such hostility towards Burke. Could that anger have been transposed from Jeremiah to Burke because of what had happened in the past?

  15. DJas118 says:

    “I think of our relationship more as a duel.” 0_0 Way ta show the love for your uncle, Barnabas. I haven’t seen all of the 1790s SL, but I’m actually wondering how their relationship was prior to Jeremiah’s spell-induced fixation with Josette. Barnabas sorely hated him after what happened. It was like there was no redemption for him. (TBC)

  16. cathytreks says:

    @VictoriaWinters1991 Happy

  17. cathytreks says:

    @jvarela965 Frid has a happy partnership with another happy person.

  18. cathytreks says:

    I really just take Anthony George as just another incarnate of the same Burke Devlin Character, why not!

  19. RPenta says:


    Good point: the show took a bit hit when Mitch Ryan got fired–maybe unfortuately he needed to be but Anthony George was bad replacement. Certainly the “good guys” needed him during the Adam-Eve storyline when Barnabas, Willie, Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Stokes were tripping over each other in incompetency and Victoria got very little time on the show.

  20. JasonMorgansGirl says:

    Barnabas always wanted to kill Burke…he would have loved to have an all out duel with him like back how they did in 1795

  21. JasonMorgansGirl says:

    @cckysc tons of people that worked on Dark Shadows went on to work on Ryan’s hope

  22. fannyanne2 says:

    love this soap

  23. ChadEnjoysSailing says:

    Anyone know the name of the first song playing?

  24. RPenta says:

    @greenrangerv1 Mitch Ryan WAS Burke Devlin; the show suffered when he got fired and most of all when the character was killed off.

  25. ifmaribel says:

    @wopwoman ,
    channel is posting them ALL

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