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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Image by prudencebrown121

does anyone remember the video? a bit of nostalgia for a Happy Halloween to everyone. A deliciously haunting holiday!

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17 Responses to “Dark Shadows”

  1. rosy♥renè.. SORRY BUSY BUSY says:

    Creepy…… woooo

    Have a Happy Halloween Dear Holly Ciaoooooo

  2. krapzapper says:

    a spine tingler …:)

  3. rogerdbi says:

    a beautiful creation
    I saw this GREAT SHOT in
    " Hi Imaginaire (invited members only)"

  4. kevindooley says:

    lovely creation!

  5. Reinventing the Wheel says:

    Happy Halloween, Prudence!!!

  6. abadgg1 says:

    Great composition

  7. su-sa-ni-ta says:

    Happy halloween !!

  8. Maureen Bond says:

    good work!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  9. Betolandia says:

    …scary!… ;)

  10. BredaF10 says:

    That music is Haunting:)) Only ever watch one called "I don’t want to be born" Have avoided them like the plague ever since!! Your shot is very fitting.

  11. Sareni says:

    Beautiful work!

  12. anna.creedon says:

    Deliciously spooky and creepy…I love your creativity Holly, perfect for the subject matter. Makes for a great abstract too. Happy Halloween!!

  13. edinei montingelli says:

    Just wooonderful Holly!!! I’m gonna be in and out flickr my dear friend. Mona sends you hugs!

  14. Magda.K says:

    Very interesting!!! Mysterious!!

  15. jmac09 says:

    I ran home from grade school to see it and watched in amazement. Were you a vampire for halloween?

  16. egyszeriember fényképez says:

    very nice

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  17. ~Blue says:

    Excellent piece of artwork…love the fall colors.

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