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Danny Mays on Doctor Who Night Terrors
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9 Responses to “Danny Mays on Doctor Who Night Terrors”

  1. esermeser94 says:

    The background music makes this interview much more epic.

  2. TheManWithNoUsrName says:

    ‘Sycorax Encounter’ and ‘UNIT?’ Who decided to use that music? It’s from Christmas 2005! Not that I hold that against the episode, of course; it’s looking good…

  3. tayh212 says:

    spoiler : )

  4. rifraf says:

    @SuperKeithykins woah calm down, sorry, it was confusing. be a bit less aggresive please

  5. DWMusicVideos says:

    @rifraf for doing this or something i think

  6. LENProductions100 says:

    Can’t wait

  7. FreelanceLove24 says:

    ahahaha! i’m so excited!

  8. SuperKeithykins says:

    @rifraf fans, dumbass.

  9. rifraf says:

    “The Doctor Who f-” *theme tune sting* what did he say next?

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