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  1. Hydrozaft says:

    Will Robinson? I remember it being John Robinson

  2. jamesssmannn says:

    danger will robinson danger

  3. domparis1978 says:

    I preferred Land Of The Giants. This was shit.

  4. ptrsnrico7 says:

    ha yes i use to have tha toy

  5. davidls11 says:

    @stacycentral And don’t forget his song “Rolly Polly Fish Heads”.

  6. RobertsonCoaching says:

    Gotta love a machine that seems to be able to display an entire array of emotions, thoughts – indeed, original thought, and still survive the antics of Dr. Zack! As for Will I understand he’s in the music biz in Los Angeles and that puts him in DANGER all by itself. My only question is what is the battery technology this robot was using 40 years ago? We sure could use some of that now!

  7. jamesa4050 says:

    for a benign (B-9) robot he sure looked scary to me the first time i saw him (on tv of course) but i got used to him.

  8. aoxomoxoa88 says:


  9. jaffaharasho says:

    I remember an episode where Will Robinson came back to see his grandmother. I think it was Christmas time in the programme.

  10. 05alexbarrientos says:

    Does every one, knows if, they came back to our planet some day? if they made the final program? Please let us know; write the link, tanks a lot!

  11. stacycentral says:

    What a great series — it helped take your mind off the other things going on in the world in the 60s. By the way, if you’re an SF fan, Billy Mumy was Lennier in Babylon 5.

  12. Agent1W says:

    No thanks, I get enough of that crap from the EDI aboard my SR-2 Normandy, not to mention how much my trusty helmsman ‘Joker’ takes of it.

  13. FWYGINOND says:

    First of all… DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!! Secondly, the robot’s name was B-9 or just Robot. Both names were used. B-9 is a play on words, “benign”.

  14. IstvanN1961 says:


    Mark Goddard, who played Major Donald West, is a school teacher in Mass. Bill Mumy lives in Calif.

  15. rdt1970 says:

    that dude who runs the disclosure ufo project hes a doctor looks like will

  16. sofutus says:

    I has that robot :D

  17. TheMAGGIEMAE4 says:


  18. SuperCartiel says:

    @Roadracer987654321 Yup. Scared me. But made me watch more.
    I think Lost in Space is already on DVD. Some fourth-rate DVD maker did the pilot.
    I don’t know where it went, though.
    It would be up to FOX Home Video to make the DVD Set. They would have to work with the Estate of Irwin Allen or, possibly Viacom (owners of CBS Inc.) to make it happen.
    Make it happen. Start a petition and send it to FOX. If enough people ask for it, I’m sure the suits might get the message.

  19. infrasleep says:

    @Roadracer987654321 It was great fun! Too many programmes (shows as you would say!) suffocate the imagination today;where the ‘role models’ attitude is that stupidity is a virtue – also you would land up in jail if you followed their ‘cool ways’! I wouldn’t want TV to plague us with saint like characters no one in their right mind could relate to, but I’d like to see a few more Will Robinsons that make you aspire for intelligence and learning. Ignorance may be bliss -but why a life style?!

  20. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @GOPMom When I listened to the High Pitched Thrumming Sound of the Atomic Engines of the Jupiter 2′s Advanced Propulsion System as her Engines howled in Full Reverse Nonstop in the Crash Landing Sequence in one of the First Episodes. I was Freaked. In High Def on my 52″ TV and with the 5.1 Surround Sound I was in Awe as the Jupiter 2′s Engines were Firing at Full Power to Protect her Crew and her Family on her Famous Crash Landing on the Hostile Desert Planet of Season 1. Why isn’t this Color?

  21. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @SuperCartiel This whole show should be Remastered onto Blu Ray. Seaso n1 should be Colorized .With Season 1 in Color it would open the show up to a whole New Generation of Kids both Young and Old. DVD Sales would Skyrocket !
    Who remembers the Screaming Sound of the Advanced Propulsion Motors of the Jupiter 2′s Powerful Atomic Engines as it took off from Cape Kennedy in the First Episode ? Who recalls the Screaming Sound of the Jupiter 2′s Engines as they screamed in Full Reverse?

  22. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @infrasleep i have the whole Series on DVD. I put the First episode on my 52″ High Def TV set and cranked up the 5.1 Suround sound when the Jupiter 2 Took off on it’s First Space Mission. That Earth Shattering sound the ship made when it Blsted off in Episoe one from Cape Kennedy almost blew me out of my chair. To this day whenever I hear that Lift Off Sound of the Jupiter 2 ‘s Tremendous Engines it makes me just Stunned ! When the ship Glowed Bright White at Lift Off it Blows me Away !

  23. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @infrasleep Why the Heck isn’t Season 1 of Lost in Space Colorized yet ?

    My son ranging in age from 23 to 6 have watched my Lost in Space DVDs.My Older Son watched the First Episode when the Jupiter 2 First Blasted off from Earth from Cape Kennedy, the night before he left for the Military. I bought one volume of the show on DVD 6 years ago. The nI bought the rest of the series last year at reduced Price. My kids melted. My one Teenager flips when Judy Robinson comes on. Remake Time…..

  24. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @Halpin2006 The Comically Evil Dr. Smith was a Sweet Natured and Gullible individual person that Jupiter 2 Space Mission Leader Professor John Robinson knew was Harmless. John Robinson knew that Smith would have been a 3rd Grade English Teacher in another Life. Robinson was Smart.He used Smith to look over his only Son, Will, 24 / 7. He knew that Smith was flawed ,but he did know that deep inside Will was a Surrogate son to Smith. Smith would have given his life to protect Will Robinson.

  25. Roadracer987654321 says:

    @hebneh I bought the whole Series of Lost in Space last year on DVD Box Set.
    My smaller sons can’t get enough of the show. My older sons including one who is in the Military have watched it too when they thought no one was looking. John Robinson was like a Rock. He was like a US Marine combined with elements of the Father from the Waltons in Outer Space. He was the only one who trusted and respected Dr. Smith with his son Will. He knew that Smith was sweet and harmless inside.

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