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Danger Mouse

The Danger Mouse intro :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Danger Mouse”

  1. joecroucher says:

    this is how kids tv should be not the cheezy crap like waybuloo and telly tubies , seriously wtf

  2. darthsciencit says:

    one f my favorite cartoons I loved why he was like a mix between janes bond nick fury in mouse body

  3. RhymageddonNJ says:

    Who’s gonna chop up those horns?

  4. depl0rable says:

    how could people “NOT” like this… it’s dangermouse ! :D

  5. hilarioph says:

    I watch this in the Philippines on GMA 7
    before GMA Supershow back in the 80′s

  6. BARIBONDS254 says:

    When I was 4 years old kbc starts at 4pm, after habari kwa ufupi n the mboch has given me a bath…twas danger mouse…

  7. SuperFeazell says:


  8. iamaladycanyousaveme says:

    Wasn’t there another intro where they had a cool office and would sit in chairs that took them down and tipped them out in to the car and then they drove out of the pavement near a post box?

  9. scottiechangemylife says:

    I love penfold…

  10. TJthunderstrike says:

    I always wanted that car!!!!

  11. spike250684 says:

    oh no……….theres something at the end of the bed dangermouse

    ahhh yes penfold…………….those are your feet

    lol classic

  12. jemmabond says:

    To the makers of this great cartoon – do not, and I repeat do not, turn DangerMouse into a CGI show…that’s what they did to Noddy, Rupert and Mickey Mouse, and they’re now rubbish.

  13. nullvalu says:

    haha i used to draw pictures of that car on my school notebooks…….. i so wanted it

  14. lstreak says:

    that car was the reason i loved this show as a kid

  15. LIGHTRONIX says:

    he also produces for Gnarls Barkly! :D

  16. thehoff1982 says:

    i always thought the car was a lotus esprit lol!

  17. killerb255 says:

    A muthafuckin mouse with a muthafuckin eyepatch = win.

  18. KennethMoreland says:

    Danger Mouse is like the UK equivalent of Secret Squirrel

  19. JoshMufc101 says:


    thanks for replying to me, i got a good laugh out of watching some of your video’s, you know the one where your talking to yourself infront of a stadium.

  20. JoshMufc101 says:


    *cries* “i fucking worked so hard for that MGO #1 spot, and that fucking british basterd took it off me, i hate myself”

  21. A1R5N1P3R says:

    @JoshMufc101 Where is Harry Potter when you need him, we need someone who speaks this boys language to translate plz…

  22. JoshMufc101 says:


    “My channel views reached 9000 without any uploads, I posted my YouTube channel url on the leaderboards for MGO, where I held #1 in MGO for TDM with legit stats for 3 months”

    now i know why you hate us, was it a brit that took your #1 spot on MGO?? awwwwww unluckly.

  23. JoshMufc101 says:


    LMAO you uploaded yourself playing fucking video games hahaha i bet you get all the girls, epic fail at life.

  24. A1R5N1P3R says:

    @JoshMufc101 All I’m reading is, “chitty chitty bang bang.” Can anyone make sense of this? Is anyone from Hogwarts Academy available to translate?

  25. JoshMufc101 says:


    look if your going to type a reply back to me, at least get them extra extra extra extra large fries out of your mouth first. ok?

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