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Dan Haggerty Personal Video Message Service

Your Really Own Dan Haggerty Personal Video Message. Have a personalized video message originally developed just for you from Dan Haggerty talking about what ever you want him to say. Send a video message to a loved 1, a greeting to a friend, a keepsake for you or a fellow fan or anything you would like to hear from Dan. Dan and his staff will make the video and post it to Google, YouTube, Yahoo as a public or private personal video message that can been seen forever. Extra copies can be ordered on DVD as nicely. Use your personalized video message for just about anything you can believe of which includes party invitations, wedding or private event announcements, etc. Dan Haggerty personalized video messages are an awesome way to spread whatever message you have. Order one right now and we’ll get it into production and sent off to you to use, post, or mail to any person you like. Want an extra special Dan Haggerty Video Message? Order an in individual video exactly where you can talk to Dan 1-on-1 in individual while the video is shot. This involves meeting Dan in individual at our production facility.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Dan Haggerty Personal Video Message Service”

  1. brainards1 says:

    I loved his show as a kid…I respect his love of animals!

  2. leafmixer says:

    Love Dan Haggerty. Great show!!!!!

  3. the26thhour says:

    I feel for him and his family. He’s always seemed like a very nice bloke & the unfortunate loss of his wife must have been very hard to deal with.
    May she rest in peace.

  4. SRVjediknight says:

    I went to the link and it was broken ;(

  5. planetrockford says:

    @100imachristian Probably in permanent hibernation,

  6. slb928 says:

    I met Dan this weekend at the Festival Of The West. Dan was so kind. He loves to talk to his fans. I got a very nice signed picture of him and the bear. Thank you, Dan!

  7. TheDevinus says:

    Dan should always of done Santa Claus movie! Hail Dan and his magnificiant beard! Look for my upcoming Review of Repo Jake – Starring Dan the man Haggerty!

  8. 100imachristian says:

    what happened to the bear after all these years??????

  9. MNBRT says:

    Im looking to contact Mr.Haggerty to see if he would be interested in doing a internet radio show, Plz contact me,Thx

  10. kingcollie says:

    no offence he seems as kind as oats, but i would be terrified in his presence. he’s very grizzly to say the least. good lookin chap just intimidating lol

  11. TheSarahkinsey says:

    @mhatsko Dan Haggerty HAS played Santa Claus in the 1989 film Elves. Best worst Christmas horror movie EVER! Lol!

  12. fluorescentfrank says:

    Cool stuff……

  13. crazened says:

    happy birthday dan , from rhonni in minnesota

  14. jessie932 says:

    I also Loved Grizzly Adams!! I watched the show religiously as a child. The program projected to me on how to be one with nature a powerful message that’s always stayed with me…. and never left……gave me so much Inspiration You could say this was my was my stepping stone in regards to my future working with animals…can I marry this man…..

  15. HeidiIvy says:

    what a sweet man! I love it! I love HIM! My hero when I was little, I am 42 now!

  16. HHH100 says:

    God Bless Dan Haggerty. I can not even begin to thank him for the priceless joy and happiness he gave to us young and old in the 70′s along with Thom Pace, Light and the Hollywood of that time period.
    Yes Dan would make a perfect Santa Claus. His eyes are exactly the same as the wonderful Santa in Rankin & Bass “Year without a Santa Claus” stop motion.
    Ohhh how the 1970′s were magical with infinite smiles!

  17. 67nairb says:

    @JUDUFU Thans for thge info. Sorry I didn’t see it.

  18. JUDUFU says:

    @67nairb April 18, 2007 It says it right under the video where the description is.

  19. JUDUFU says:

    @67nairb April 18, 2007 It says it right under the video where the description is.


    man this dudes been smokin mother nature big time

  21. 67nairb says:

    What year is that video from?

  22. AmericanFilmsDotCom says:

    Dan, why is your homepage down? I’m achin’ to buy a personal video message.

  23. nita47474747 says:

    amen, dan haggardy is a beautiful man inside & out, just gotta say, i LOVE his beard!!!
    my hubby has one, they are so attractive on the right face!!!
    grizzly adama, was the best series ever, thanks for posting-

  24. biglak says:

    grizzly adams = legend

  25. MaBiggsNailsforLess says:

    Dan! I think your a one of a kind great man! I have been watching your shows since I was a Kid. Thanks for sharing your website with us. God bless you and your family!

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