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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders I – Film Opening Credits

The opening credits to the film “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” that aired on ABC in 1979. Check out the late Bert Convey in the opening scene. This was the highest rated television production EVER at the time.

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25 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders I – Film Opening Credits”

  1. landrykkb says:

    @blackdcc Especially since the Rams didn’t even stay in Los Angeles.

  2. deduero says:

    @blackdcc Thanks!!!! I will totally do that, I remember that episode of “The Love Boat”,those where some good times back then, and it totally reminds me of being a kid in love with those gorgeous ladies in the blue and white marching on to the field! “If you could see me know”! Ha ha ha, LOL, love it! Thanks again! ; D

  3. blackdcc says:

    @deduero – Yes it was a great era. If you do a search, you will find one of The Love Boat performances on Youtube. The DCC stole my heart back then and I still love them to this day.

  4. deduero says:

    This is so freakin awesome of you to post this!!!! I have been chatting about this old show with other just recently, and lo and behold, my friend sends me this,…OH YEAH!!!! It totally brings back the memories and my posters and calendars of these gorgeous ladies from the past. After all this came about, you’d see other teams putting their girls out there. But Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders had to be the proudest and best ones around. This era rocks!!! And so many of these comments do too! Thanks!

  5. Stingseven says:

    oh my lord listen to this theme!

  6. UCONNcheer1997 says:

    Love this movie! I have this one and the sequal on VHS and had them converted to DVD as well!

  7. mrgb46 says:

    @blackdcc you’re welcome..If you go to 70s-tv dot com,look under TV MOVIES..I think.

  8. blackdcc says:

    @mrgb46 I just discovered this thru a member of the DCC Yahoo Group. I’ve been waiting so long for it to come out on DVD. I’m ecstatic. Thanks.

  9. mrgb46 says:

    @vidstar08 you can get it at 70s-tv dot com..

  10. mrgb46 says:

    @hisnhersnyours you can get it at 70s-tv dot com…

  11. UCONNcheer1997 says:

    @kceight The song is called ” Sunday Afternoon Fever”. Carol Conners is the artist performing the song. I contacted her a few years ago and she was kind enough to send me a copy of this song and “Night Time” another song from this movie.

  12. robturner1rob says:

    I’ve been searching for this for a couple of months since I’m in love with one of the ddc in this movie . Yes we are dating now! Go me !!

  13. vidstar08 says:

    @hisnhersnyours – I hope to acquire the whole movie and post it on Youtube in parts. I don’t currently have it.

  14. hisnhersnyours says:

    omg, I’ve been looking for this movie for several years. I was 6 years old when I saw it the first time and it left a lasting memory. Do you own this vhs? is there anyway I can buy a copy of it off of you?

  15. 1teedie says:

    OMG!! I remember both TV shows when i was a kid. I had the calenders, posters, and McDonalds soft drink cups with their pictures on them. Look @ those big ole POM POMS! Although this was the ’79 girls, those Big POM POMS lasted through out the late ’80′s, and early ’90′s. I was a highschool cheerleader then.

  16. award1234567890 says:

    woah they had GIGANTIC pom poms back then lol

  17. foppa123 says:

    @kceight fever maybe?

  18. vidstar08 says:

    kceight, let us know if you find it. i’m not sure if it’s available, though.

  19. kceight says:

    Does anyone know where to find this song? I’ve been looking for it for awhile. Thanks!

  20. blackdcc says:

    foppa123 change your name to foolpa123. The Cowboys history is much richer than the sorry Rams will ever be. Go Cowboys!!!

  21. foppa123 says:

    imcomplete pass at 1:23

  22. foppa123 says:

    my Rams kicked the Cowboys ass in 1979.

  23. vidstar08 says:

    Were they really more classy? I’ve been a fan of the DCC for 31 years. They have indeed changed with the times out of necessity, but I don’t agree that they’re less classy. They still have very high standards and they don’t choose their cheerleaders just because of big surgical boobs like a lot of other NFL teams do. Their performances are also very good compared to other squads. Everything from the past seems “classier.” 30 years from now, they will say the DCC were classier back in 2010.

  24. antipackers says:

    I agree with redandpink,they had a LOT more class back in the 70′s.

  25. vidstar08 says:

    You’re welcome, but I disagree that they look like cheap floozies now. The 70s squad was indeed elegant, though. The shorts weren’t quite as short and their go-go boots were mesmerizing.

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