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Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

Dale Evans & Roy Rogers singing Happy Trails
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25 Responses to “Dale Evans & Roy Rogers”

  1. TexasLady04 says:

    Great respect for Roy and Dale…It was such a special time to grow up in. They were the best possible influence on us kids…God bless them..They are missed..

  2. 4933juju says:

    This song touches so many hearts … especially those of us who grew up in the fifties. Thanks for posting!

  3. imassage1212 says:

    @u2509249 the way the world should play out !!! nice thoughts

  4. matheniajt says:

    my Papaw died this past weekend. this song was played at his funeral and it was the only song that brought me to tears because he loved Roy and this song would definitely be his message to all of us.

  5. Jibbie49 says:

    I love the quote from Roy Rogers, “I lived a CHARMED life.”

  6. banca47 says:

    bom tempos que não voltam mais, como era bom os filmes e temas desses filmes ,hoje fica a saudades do inicio da televisão onde tinhamos bons programas

  7. XxBloodyPsychoxX says:

    R.i.p. grandpa..

  8. 007lc says:

    ha where playing this for a stand tune in band.

  9. C3POROBOT1 says:

    I’m drinking a Shirley Temple with my legs crossed while watching this.

  10. osnib2007 says:

    Que saudades!!!!

  11. huertasdanny says:

    I listen to this song over and over again. I like it A LOT.

  12. McFlyYouBojo says:

    @TheNewClubPenguinTV me too!

  13. roz94ful says:

    They still play this song on the radio

  14. HonRosie6 says:

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evens were the typical western couple.
    HAPPY TRAILS TO EVERY1!!!!! :) :):):)

  15. bibledoctrine says:

    What a wonderful walk down memory lane :)

  16. TheNewClubPenguinTV says:

    i like van halen’s version

  17. PandaMishima says:

    I like to think at least one side was using cameras.
    What can I say, I’m a hopeless idealist.
    God Bless the USA!

  18. iceman241111 says:

    @meeshsquared Sure they do dumbass.

  19. iceman241111 says:

    @meeshsquared Im so sorry your ignorant and believe jihad is a peaceful religion are you crazy?

  20. iceman241111 says:

    @newnhamlea1 I hate people like you that say its ok to be gay its not thats what is also good about the old days more people loved the true living God and that is Jesus. Its not good to keep letting people live in sin and thats exactly what being gay is. The only thing i am against that was done back then is racisim but other then that its all good.

  21. iceman241111 says:

    @newnhamlea1 Thats why the old times where so damn good didnt have all this gay shit that we do know.

  22. iceman241111 says:

    They play this song everytime a store called Hastings closes.

  23. motlycrue11 says:

    this song was played at my grampas funeral

  24. roblom says:

    For example, less than a day after George Steinbrenner’s death, Rush Limbaugh called him a “cracker who made millionaires out of many African-Americans and who fired many whites.” Why is the PigMan (that’s Rush Limbaugh) allowed on the air? The big corporations WANT Americans divided and fighting each other. They’re scared of us wage-earners. If they can keep us distracted they can keep robbing from us. Any wage-earner who votes Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  25. roblom says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Tex. Why can’t we do it, you ask? My answer is twofold. First, this nation was founded in racism and genocide despite our glorious Preamble. Those charlatans who say they want to get back to the original Constitution really want a return to slavery and its three-fifth’s rule. Second, we have a filthy corporate media that promotes hatred and lies.

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