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25 Responses to “daktari”

  1. Kelly14UK says:

    WTF is an Indian elephant doing in Africa?

  2. crono916 says:

    hey guys i have all 4 seasons on 19 dvds from my own collection, the quality isn’t the best but definitely watchable. i will provide samples if anyone is interested. just send me a private message.

  3. pinz2022 says:


    Yeah, come to think of it, they’re a mite short of tigers in Africa…

  4. cooltrichard says:

    Hey the complet Sound of Dakatri and not only this Thema, give is by Amazon per
    Download or CD to buy

  5. hamsterminator says:

    What just happened?

  6. bachterman says:

    bernd daktari lorenz

  7. MrDavkoz says:

    Growing up as a kid I saw this and many other animal based shows, like Lassie, Flipper, even Grizzly Adams. They instilled in me a sense of respect and appreciation for animals. Too bad most of today’s programs don’t do that.

  8. TomandBoo says:

    I was about 8 when this was on. Absolutely loved it. Cried buckets when Clarence the cross-eyed lion died. Would love to see it re-run on TV. So glad nobody remade it and turned it into a junk show……

  9. mykeas100 says:

    Hola a todos!!!!

  10. nogginthefroggin says:

    @BadEggCymru yes, a bit like “wild at heart”. But looking back, it was really just lots of stock footage of herds of animals, interwoven with simple storylines, although I suppose it was advanced for its time. Judy the chimp could understand simple tasks spoken in English, and clarence always came to the rescue to scare off the baddies. Was my favourite series apart from the original star treks.

  11. TheAxellle says:

    zon √©volu√© en naktari une sorte de mixage pipo doux comme la gramaire de orsenna …
    la nectarine etant un fruit entre la peche et….
    et evokan le nectar

  12. oluham says:

    As i recall, the FIRST season of this show had a different theme opening. Anybody out there to back me up?

  13. Asrraeli says:

    I love this tv serie!

  14. BadEggCymru says:

    is it like “Wild at Heart?”

  15. HitlerOnTheRoof says:

    This was on WKEF in Dayton every Sunday afternoon in the 70′s, followed by Ron Eli in Tarzan.

  16. tabbie98 says:

    justlookinz – you sad fuck!!!!!


    I whole centre probably smelt like zoo keepers wellies.

  18. Mo6boy says:

    cross eyed lion? This lion was cross eyed? Really? Funny. Never saw this show, must be too young

  19. justlookinz says:

    I fuckin hate elephants there dangerous shits

  20. Santor6 says:

    @zefer14 In black&white?

  21. Santor6 says:

    I am shocked too. I wached this on black-white TV.

  22. OmwanaX says:

    Wow, memories! I used to watch this show back home in the seventies every Saturday morning as a little boy. What a time of innocence that was. Memories.

  23. helltopay1 says:

    OOH dear ,i shouldnt watch this sort of stuff from my childhood,happy sad eyes welling up

  24. mowm88 says:

    Never watched this one–and as others said-Erin Moran?! really! Be interested in catching some of the repeats. It looks Disney-ish.

  25. moose122860 says:

    Holy Joanie Loves Chachi! Erin Moran was in this? Who knew? She’s 50 now!!!

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