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25 Responses to “daktari”

  1. OmwanaX says:

    Wow, memories! I used to watch this show back home in the seventies every Saturday morning as a little boy. What a time of innocence that was. Memories.

  2. helltopay1 says:

    OOH dear ,i shouldnt watch this sort of stuff from my childhood,happy sad eyes welling up

  3. mowm88 says:

    Never watched this one–and as others said-Erin Moran?! really! Be interested in catching some of the repeats. It looks Disney-ish.

  4. moose122860 says:

    Holy Joanie Loves Chachi! Erin Moran was in this? Who knew? She’s 50 now!!!

  5. 1eaNavarre says:

    If you were a tiger and you were in Africa. .would you not be lost too!

  6. ridgerunner721601 says:

    I remember Daktari when I was a kid. I’m still an animal lover. Really liked the big cats. I didn’t see Marshall Thompson in the credits though. Did he quit before the series was over?

  7. ChazsmateIII says:

    Good grief! It’s in colour.

  8. DrShittyBottomHammer says:

    whats a tiger doing lost in africa?

  9. kikitos96 says:

    y clarence no era bisco siempre andaba pedo

  10. WJHHunterston says:

    Watched this in a different world… long since gone…20th century.

  11. WarfareTartaros says:

    @vraydio The show was recorded in a safaripark in LA to save money.

  12. BASICISAB says:

    I used to love this show

  13. planetmooney says:

    That is an Asian Elephant not African….Note the Smaller Ears.

  14. Melayahm01 says:

    @wiggo4 Also a LOT less tractable, lol

  15. kenfig says:

    @1964Yojimbo Dangerous ; he would take your head straight off and Judy the chimp i wouldnt trust now,since one ripped a woman’s entire face off, including her eyes

  16. fernleaffilms says:

    i reckon judy was a bloke.

  17. 1964Yojimbo says:

    Erin Moran? I can only remember Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion.

  18. zefer14 says:

    I rember comming home from school to watch this. I loved this show

  19. MrRrobinlive says:

    Daktari means doctor in Swahili, spoken in East Africa- Kenya, Tanzania and some parts of Uganda…

  20. PerculaPlushPet says:

    @99thmonkee don’t we all well know that feeling

  21. 99thmonkee says:

    I used to love this show when I was a kid, I actually had hope for the future then

  22. wiggo4 says:

    unless i am completely mistaken, the elephant is an indian elephant. i’m sure the african variety have larger ears and i guess there weren’t any african elephants in california.

  23. vraydio says:

    @walleyrt69 LOL, this show was based in Africa, and even most of them were white.

  24. 1958louief says:

    I remember watching this every week with my Grandmother. My God I’m getting old:)

  25. orangelb says:

    any body know some about Cheryl Miller?

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