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Dad’s Army – Don’t Tell Him Pike

One of britains favourite scenes from 1 of britains favourite sitcoms. The “Do not Tell Him Pike” sketch from Dad’s Army. This clip is identified in the episode “The Deadly Attachment” obtainable to buy on BBC DVD. For a lot more info, videos and games check out
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Dad’s Army – Don’t Tell Him Pike”

  1. Hangar073 says:

    What three sad individuals did not like this?

  2. philbloke says:

    Time and again, this excerpt is voted the funniest moment in TV. At one level, it’s baffling that “Don’t tell him, Pike” is the funniest thing in over 50 years of TV comedy, but at another, it’s testament to the affection we hold this series in, and the comedy timing of the actors, together with the writers’ skills. In comedy, less is often more.

  3. cherrydrop6005252 says:

    im only 11 and this show is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  4. cherrydrop6005252 says:

    whistle while while you work hittler is a terwp hes half bamy so’shis amy whistle while you work

  5. MultiBelle22 says:

    @unclemort1960 I know! The best actors in the world are often Welsh x

  6. unclemort1960 says:

    @MultiBelle22 hes married to ruth -hi-`di-hi`-madoc

  7. cooljoemaz says:

    3 people are nazis!

  8. dalekbitch says:

    at around 1:27, even the German u-boat captain is struggling not to laugh! British comedy at its best!

  9. roddy76to86 says:

    You’ve got it all wrong. Hitler had only one ball, and poor old Goebbels had no balls at all. I think Himmler had something similar.

  10. dinofanatic1 says:

    Hold down 1, Lol!

    “Don’t tell him Pike” Best line ever!

  11. guzzu1 says:

    comedy gold

  12. 1970sBritishComedys says:

    Best Line Ever In British Comedy. I Must Of Seen This 50 Times But I Still Laugh lol!!

  13. cooljoemaz says:

    @OneVoiceOneDesire That’s nothing. I’m only 13 and I love this show!

  14. pinz2022 says:


    Compared to the greasy, filthy reality of what the U-boot guys actually had to work with…

  15. ttfnrsvpasap says:

    I know another song about hitler… About his balls actually (or lack of them)… I dont know if you’ve heard it? Goes to the tune of ‘Colonel Bogey’…

  16. ttfnrsvpasap says:

    I know another song about Hitler…. About his balls actually…. I dont know if you’ve heard it? Goes to the tune of ‘Colonel Bogey’…

  17. ttfnrsvpasap says:

    Hah!!!!! My dad always says to me ‘don’t tell him Pike!’ and the first time I was like ‘what?’ and then he told me so when he says it now I’m like ‘haha!’ lol. And I have had the dads army theme tune in my head for the last week…. Laugh Everyone it’s good for you! XD

  18. J10BLN says:

    Nice example of Jose Mourinho utilizing his leadership ability

  19. davidsan01 says:

    @Rhosmari Its Frank Pike!!!!

  20. Rhosmari says:

    @mrspivvy Pike’s name is Pike. Sounds silly, but it is

  21. Rhosmari says:

    lol! this video is legend!!! I always watch Dads Army when its on tv!! luv Dads Army!

  22. nickobud159 says:

    Absoloutly brilliant! :)

  23. TwilightClover91 says:

    Lol I love this sitcom, and that bit is great, captain man makes me laught :D

  24. mrspivvy says:

    I don’t get it. so what IS Pike’s name?

  25. Thesixthgoon says:

    The German officer is struggling not to smirk at the end XD

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