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Dad’s army 40 year tribute

This a collection of clips to celebrate 40 years of Dad’s army. All thanks go to the BBC for 80 episodes of comedy.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dad’s army 40 year tribute”

  1. BlueNeon81 says:

    briliant sound quality of this clip…

  2. cpthooker says:

    i grew up with dad’s army thanks to my grandparents when i was younger, now I show my 6 year old nephew some episodes and he thinks its funny, it will never die

  3. IcyhotizzleTV says:

    4 people like dads army but not Jonathon ross’s lisp

  4. MrCookiex10 says:

    There Legends and will never be forgotten! Dad’s Army is the British Soul.

  5. sitithesecond says:

    Can’t stand Jonathan Ross, what on earth is he doing at the BBC. Ghastly voice and sheer vulgarity. This tribute deserves a better commentator.

  6. BigDaiRhys says:

    Whistle while you work, Hitler is a twerp, he’s half barmy and so is his Army, whistle while you work

  7. tomoblivion says:

    Best Comedy Show Of All Time.

  8. lightsflight says:

    @ComediTv37 there german thats why they disliked it

  9. ComediTv37 says:


  10. ComediTv37 says:

    is this on a Johnathan Ross show? and how can i see it?

  11. Indeed999 says:

    I’m 16 years old, and this is my favourite comedy!!! It’s so much better than the crap on telly nowadays. I have the entire series and I never tire of watching it!

  12. mediamaker says:

    Dads Army is and always will be a true classic! My mum and dad were in the war, mum is still with us at 91, and was in the WAAF. She still has the videotapes of almost all the series; wonderful fun set in terrible times.

  13. 12powerhungry says:

    this defentely one of the greastests comdey shows of all time

  14. Hunros says:

    @Wouternerd series 8 episode 1 ‘Ring dem bells’ A very funny episode. Pity james beck wasn’t alive for that episode, walker would have been very funny in it. Hope that helps.

  15. anonUK says:

    In a way, I think Dad’s Army has aged quite a lot for one reason. In 1968 when the series started, most WWII veterans were in late middle age- and even many men of the Home Guard (who typically were born around 1890) were still alive. Even in 1978, when the series ended, most people in the UK knew someone still alive who had fought in that war or had suffered from its effects.
    That’s not the case now. You would now have to be well over 75 to have even the sketchiest memory of World War 2.

  16. Wouternerd says:

    Brilliant serie!! i can watch this show over and over again, it’s timeless!
    There was one thing i noticed on this tribute, at 4:50 pike is dressed like a nazi i have never seen that episode while i have every season.. does any one know which episode this is?

  17. jacksawild says:

    How dare you, Ross? Godfrey and men like him would have fought to the end and given Jerry a bloody good caning. I doubt Jonathan Ross has any fight in him at all.

  18. GUNNERJIMMYable says:

    at gor 35 kath and kim was th worst show aussie show of all tiem i woud rather listen to justin beiber than wacth kath and kim P.S. i hate justin beiber

  19. Grymligast says:

    This video was ruined by Johnathon Ross’s clown voice.

  20. UKkid19 says:

    “Sometimes Wilson I don’t think you have the stomach for this job”
    “There you have the advantage over me, sir”

    Love that line! Classic!

  21. UKkid19 says:

    “Would you kindly fall in?”

    “I can still give ‘em the old cold steel!”

    classic tv series

  22. davo614 says:

    The best programme of all time.

    There is just nothing to touch it.

  23. CoolBoysBackYard says:

    The Best Comedy Ever Made!!

  24. gor0356 says:

    What do mean there’s no contemporary quality TV comedy?
    Seinfeld! The Simpsons! Kath & Kim etc.
    Fuckin whingers

  25. TheChrisinet says:

    I have an orange for you. *posh voice*

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