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Cuban Pete

i love lucy capítulo 3 “the diet” (1951)
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25 Responses to “Cuban Pete”

  1. Emmamalou says:

    What a power couple they were!

  2. logan909100 says:

    look at his legs

  3. logan909100 says:

    haha the mask

  4. jimmyboy99 says:

    @queensnyc2021 they turned into me. lol

  5. jimmyboy99 says:


  6. barricade2170 says:

    i like when jim carrey did cuban pete

  7. sabrozzura2009 says:

    I Love Lucy 3 the diet Part 5

    episode the diet,
    he sings the song at the end of this episode.

  8. sabrozzura2009 says:

    the episode was “the diet”

  9. buzinando says:

    A Dercy Gonçalves aí marcando presença.

  10. demigrl21 says:

    Which episode is this?? ive been lookin for it everywhere

  11. LuniaVideo says:

    @queensnyc2021 You live in New York. You should go to any of the hundreds of gay clubs if you want to see suave and handsome men.

  12. 3909clancy says:

    @victoriousnicole they were the same way back then also times change people never do.

  13. victoriousnicole says:

    man, it would be so fun to have been in the audience when this was being filmed.

    I wish there were more guys like Ricky. I’m 14 and all the guys I know are all the same, making jokes about sex and trying to be so
    cool or whatever. makes you wish times were different.

  14. iiAmmychan says:

    I laughed when Lucy stuck her hip out, and Ricky’s hat fell off. <3

  15. Jenangel032003 says:

    omg i love this episode. the way lucy moves those hips..hahaha…i love that!!

  16. bebop54 says:

    i’ll meet you there & hopefully we’ll dance !!@eleanorayoulateagain

  17. eleanorayoulateagain says:

    @bebop54 Why thank you. That’s how I imagine them spending their eternity now.

    If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see if I’m right. :)

  18. bebop54 says:

    whatta great comment …@eleanorayoulateagain

  19. 12Onomicproductions says:

    Lucy crazy they where perfect

  20. Verd1m5 says:

    @queensnyc2021 Women killed it. But then again so did we with our sick ideas of sexual pleasures. What an age we live in. :/

  21. Verd1m5 says:

    @queensnyc2021 women killed it.

  22. FearRain says:

    @queensnyc2021 Girls decided to treat them like crap.

  23. eleanorayoulateagain says:

    Desi Arnaz was amazingly naturally talented. And Lucy was beyond extraordinary.

    Somewhere, right now, in a beautiful little corner of Heaven, they are still making people smile and laugh.

  24. ricthecoolguy says:

    omg this is one of my favorite clips of i love lucy, thank you so much!!!

    R.I.P Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball

  25. tbel1ma says:

    What a handsome, talented and classic Ricky was!!! yes, they don’t make them like that anymore. Those days men had a lot of class and Ricky was the best. I just love him.

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