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This song was made famous first on the “I Love Lucy” show and, later, in a Jim Carrey movie. Hope you like it!

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  1. NakdDSnakE says:

    Pleaseeee Chord!!!! ç.ç

  2. larosity says:

    @YuppiesWilly Thanks!

  3. YuppiesWilly says:

    Very good!

  4. captainpotatopants says:

    chords or tabs? please??? or at least where you sourced them from?

  5. lordofthelargepants says:

    eyy. nice work. could you maybe get me the chords because I’ve been looking for them forever but I can’t find them anywhere.

  6. larosity says:

    @julie11061 Yes I used a pick…rest those fingers!;-)

  7. julie11061 says:

    I just thought Ï’d let you know that you do this song sooo well! I can’t play it very well, but I have a question for you, did you use a pick? My fingers are actually bleeding right now : hahahahahaha

  8. 81kamill says:

    You pretty much labeled yourself on this one pal..

    You sound way off in every way but nice effort

    seriously though you should of just left it alone

  9. julie11061 says:

    can you please give me the guitar chords to this song? they aren’t available anywhere on the internet. It would be great if you could give them to me. thanks!!

  10. thewhoyouknow says:

    well done!
    tabs or chords, please!

  11. koaskids says:

    @larosity thats up to you i seen a lot of your videos already i am sure you will make a great pick

  12. larosity says:

    @koaskids What style?

  13. koaskids says:

    @larosity i would love to hear you play and sing blue moon

  14. larosity says:

    This song was made popular on the “I Love Lucy” show by Desi Arnaz and later on when Jim Carrey did a lipsync of it in the movie “The Mask”…thanks for the comments!

  15. koaskids says:

    i have never heard this song this good your really good man great job

  16. DearLucilleOfficial says:

    Where did you get the chords for this song? I could really use them!

  17. neofucku says:

    dude please post a tab please

  18. larosity says:

    Thanks Ozzie!

  19. osallent says:

    You did a great job, specially in pronouncing the R like Spanish speakers do. Very nice touch and a great performance.

  20. larosity says:

    Thanks Kotaru!

  21. Kotaru21 says:

    wow great cover men, you´re awesome

  22. larosity says:

    Thanks Steven…saw your vid…you need to shed more light on yourself to start and good luck with it!

  23. thedarksunshine says:

    your awesome

  24. larosity says:

    Thanks for saying so Rebekah!

  25. Keblademasteress says:

    You’re very good.

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