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Cuban Pete

i adore lucy capĂ­tulo 3 “the diet plan” (1951)

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25 Responses to “Cuban Pete”

  1. drroumy says:

    old is gold

  2. lolomglolomg87 says:

    when i was in 3rd grade i had to dance the girl part :D


    BUENAZO … !!!!!

  4. lala30004 says:

    I love this! ~Proud to be Cuban~

  5. imobimo says:

    Thumbs up if you came here because of THE MASK / Jim Carrey

  6. wiccanlove1 says:

    This is my favorite number of Desi’s…….

  7. Chloefornication says:

    Somebody stop me!

  8. ChriStar03 says:

    @SPNCRWBB actually, when u MARRY someone, you’re supposed to become one, not only a part of you, if men didn’t always think with they dix, it ain’t got nothin to do with “changing”, don’t get married if ur gonna still eff around… u can control yourself, he was just a a-hole plain n simple!

  9. mandycat45 says:

    A nice touch — all through that great dancing, Lucy never loses a beat with the chewing gum.

  10. lilfirenze87 says:

    :) )

  11. xenalove says:

    @QueenB4Life never noticed b4 lol

  12. fordlandau says:

    what a great fun number…Lucy dances really well on those high heels…my Father used to sing this song to me in the 50s when I was little always made me laugh !

  13. SPNCRWBB says:

    RULE NUMBER 1: Know the freek that is your spouse.
    THEN talk marraige.
    You Cant Blame Him for his urge for women. Iblame yer for thinking tha HE was going to change.
    Why do women always think that they can change a man’s ways?

  14. intrakgroup says:

    at 2:13 oyeme cachita traigo una rumbita para que la bailes como bailo yo
    la rumba caliente es mejor que el son.(rafael hernandez puertorrican composer)

  15. pampam500 says:

    That is amazing!!!

  16. Wolfrover says:

    @victoriousnicole I hate to de-mythologize Desi… but he was raised in the culture of machismo. Lucy eventually divorced him when he couldn’t restrict himself to just his wife. A fine man in many ways, but all too fallible in others.

  17. HerAkanE505 says:

    Get It Lucy!!!!! I Live!!

  18. SazonDReyes says:

    I love this song!

  19. kalispera64 says:

    3:07=Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  20. IndependenceFilms says:

    @victoriousnicole Hallelujah that some guys are sensible like you.

  21. newrochellephoenix says:

    @Ehliieee123 Their loss !

  22. virus007911 says:

    @ChillerGuts Thank you, my friend! ;)

  23. Ehliieee123 says:

    1 Person Has Never Gone Chick Chicky Boom :)

  24. BuellerBueller95 says:

    desi arnaz should do a duet with jim carrey

  25. ChillerGuts says:

    @virus007911 Ha ha ok, Purist!

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