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Crispin Glover on Letterman

Crispin. Helion. Glover.
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25 Responses to “Crispin Glover on Letterman”

  1. danieljh says:

    Crispins a great actor…Back to the future Mc FLY HELLO!

  2. EBTL0947 says:

    Sigh…I miss the talk show format of the 60, 70, and 80′s.

  3. karnin655 says:

    @darthspeaks acid me thinks :P

  4. burnsideo7 says:

    Geez, Letterman’s “Top 10″ dates back to 1987? Makes sense.

  5. lewiske says:

    @07foxmulder More info, please….

  6. 07foxmulder says:

    @lewiske he was in on the phoenix joke…

  7. apocolypse1022 says:

    Cant Stand Letterman…..

  8. executionator says:

    they dont make em like they used to

  9. BRIMAN007 says:

    What the….

  10. darthspeaks says:

    What was he ON?

  11. ichuckyourface says:

    Jeremy Jahns sent me here

  12. tommyguam92 says:

    This happened on my Birthday…….

  13. Bonsse88 says:

    “NICE SHOES!!!!”

  14. Xdeathtroll says:

    I want to explain this:

    Glover did his first appearance on Letterman in character as Rubin to promote the release of Rubin and Ed. In this interview and the one following it he uses delaying tactics´╗┐ to waste the interview time, to avoid explaining his behavior in the first interview -to keep it a mystery. He uses the uncomfortable awkwardness in this one, and in the following one launches into a long and unrelated story.

    Letterman didn’t know. Now you know. Okay? Okay.

  15. jacobbirdy128 says:

    What are those things in the case?

  16. VRtechman says:

    Awesome!!! Yeah Glover was an over-compensating DWEEB. But he isn’t a threat to any-one but himself.

    Letterman proved himself to be an even bigger A-hole: “I went college.”

    Oh please!!!!

  17. TheBlitz1 says:

    @Beerlejuice dude its an act, its a tv show, they script everything before hand including what they are going to talk about and for how long

  18. Beerlejuice says:

    This was really hard and uncomfortable to watch. I’ve seen Crispin Glover do his sideshow and I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy but he’s clearly INSANE!!! He’s really fucked up! Even though I admire him allot, there’s definitely something messed up going on with that guy. I don’t care if he was acting, it wasn’t funny and it was in bad taste. Letterman had every right to get him off the show, and yeah why would anyone want to have dinner with someone like that? Crispin was obviously demented.

  19. oxus72 says:

    @zeppelin67637 nah

  20. BPL1980 says:

    Does anyone else think he sort of looks oddly like Kurt Cobain here? Imagine without the glasses and the hair being blonde.

  21. zeppelin67637 says:

    lol is this for real?

  22. kingslice75 says:

    3:29 – goofball dork? pot calling the kettle black, eh dave?

  23. Jcolinsol says:


    He’s appaearing in character as a character that he played in a film that he made a few years later.

  24. ekleinbrink says:

    The Joaquin Phoenix episode was staged…..poorly too.

  25. DancingwithFebreze says:

    Fuck u Dave

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