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Crazy Guggenheim/The Jackie Gleason Show

Frank Fontaine as the much loved Crazy Guggenheim on The Jackie Gleason Show from 1962. As a kid, it was my preferred part of the show.

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  1. WytZox1 says:

    @irocZ421 — Let’s just say that Crazy Guggenheim was a special person. As a retar … Oops! I mean special person, he was much funnier than that annoying Stuart character on MAD-TV. Frank Fontaine was truly a comic genius. As Carlos Mencia would say, “De De Deeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”☺

  2. MegaBorodino says:

    @MisterMojoSinkin Nah, Crazy was just that, a little crazy. His stories and reactions are no more “retarded” than Gracie Allen’s just because he made a funny face and voice. Listen to some of his lines, he was sharp. Besides, Gleason never made fun of Crazy, just reacted with a touch of astonishment. And Frank Fontaine’s singing needs no mention.

  3. Horseheadnd says:

    Thanks-Jackie Gleason was top shelf

  4. tomasred says:

    One of the GREATEST characters in TV history.
    Tom Mullica

  5. irocZ421 says:

    @MisterMojoSinkin: Frank Fontaine was not a “retard”, which I am disgusted at even typing the word. “Crazy” was a great singer and Joe the bartender would always ask him to sing a song to end the skit. No one made fun of the man and he even got in a few Zingers” to Jackie.

  6. bnks53209 says:

    I love comedy these are come of my first memories.

  7. mjedelman says:

    I remember this well. I found the Crazy Guggenheim character very disturbing- he seemed to be portraying not a drunk but someone with serious brain damage.

  8. MrAiredale says:

    when I was a baby, my nickname was Little Guggenheim. Thanks!

  9. Unclemoparman says:

    Recognize Barney?

  10. tunegirl90 says:

    Well, I’m not under 35, however I am 38 and my father shared this with me when I was a little one!!

  11. tunegirl90 says:

    Well, I’m not under 35, however I am 38 and my father shared this with me when I was a little one!!

  12. limelight28570 says:

    My daddy used to love this show. I think he watched Jackie Gleason for Frank Fontaine as Crazy. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Krahpula says:

    Hmm, that’s good booze!

  14. MisterMojoSinkin says:

    Yeah, no sex, swearing, explosions, car crashes — just good old making fun of retards! My dad used to get so PO’d when Crazy Guggenheim came on, as he worked with the disabled and challenged…..

  15. TomBarrister says:

    This was from a day when they could entertain without every other line containing profanity, a reference to sex, violence, or toilet humor. They don’t make many shows like that anymore.

  16. blueticecho says:

    Mentally Challenged Guggenheim…….

  17. galaxyuno1 says:

    Crazy was the inspiration for so many cartoon characters, too.

  18. Staszu13 says:

    “Craze” could make me laugh just by looking at him :-)

  19. Schnappi1936 says:

    Jackie was called “The Great One” loved Frank as Crazy and he could really sing.

  20. elc1960 says:

    Crazy Guggenheim – one of the highlights of my early childhood. What was the name of the lodge Crazy belonged to, “The Smiling Sons of the Singing Shellelagh”? To hear Fontaine say that phrase with that impediment was priceless. You could actually see the spray coming off him when he said it. Barney Gumble on “The Simpsons” is good, but not close to ol’ Craze. Not sure if the name of the bar patron is Donahe, Dennehy or Donaghy. Not really important, I guess.

  21. irish89055 says:

    Mr Dennehy is you, the audience.. loved crazy… lmao…

  22. KensieGranz says:

    @JacksonPerdue >.> I’m 16 and ive heard of it. Me and my bro grew up around that kind of stuff thanks to our parents getting old movies and watching reruns. hehe

  23. rangerrick67 says:

    Some of the funiest guys on TV. Great show & good memories !

  24. doglips1958 says:

    Entertainment without sex,swearing,explosions,or car cases.Loved it then,love it now

  25. JubalCalif says:

    Me too! My stepdad loved Jackie Gleason & all of us had a fun time watching his show each Saturday night when I was a kid in the 60′s. This clip brings back MANY fond memories!!! :)

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