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Craig Ferguson 11/4/10D Late Late Show Dick Van Dyke

Craig chats with the eternally adorable & funny Dick Van Dyke…childhood Malinky amusement meet adulthood Malinky amusement.
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25 Responses to “Craig Ferguson 11/4/10D Late Late Show Dick Van Dyke”

  1. VWingTMA says:


    I could NOT agree more with you. <3

  2. Goedhartbros says:

    Today it’s Dick Van Dyke’s 86th birthday.

    Despite his old age, he is still alive

  3. MarielIsabel says:

    Love Dick Van Dyke. Seriously. I wish they had talent like that nowadays.

  4. hunibuni007 says:

    is he scottish cause i am and i canni tell likkke tell him to get his ass home CALADONIA.

  5. lovemaker1972 says:

    @nigeriansista yes in deed i hope my father will reach the age of 85 too.

  6. Dickvandyke222 says:

    Classic Dick!

  7. MeganHT says:

    Dear Movie Gods,
    Please let me work with this man sometime in my lifetime… preferably before his ends. :(
    Love Me.

  8. Arhh1996 says:

    No he was saved by purposes cos he fell asleep while surfing,,,,

  9. Luarrangel says:

    Craig is a young Dick Van Dyke!

  10. nigeriansista says:

    But Chris Ferguson didn’t really let Dick talk. Like DANGG Shut UP!!

  11. nigeriansista says:

    Mr. Dick Van Dyke looks good for 85!!! I LOVE YOU DICK VAN DYKE> I would watch diagnosis murder ALL the TIME!

  12. kuladeeluxe says:

    I gotta think he is still vibrant because he laughs so much. He laughs so much because he is still vibrant. To the person who posted how he did well with so little talent, you clearly have not watched his main vehicle the Dick Van Dyke show. He had about the best sense of comedic timing I can think of. Plus, how many people do you you know who were saved by Dolphins. ? That is about as good as being abducted by Aliens.

  13. LisaSimpsonLover says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Porpoises!!

  14. Thejbirdy says:

    Man to have looks for that many years…..lucky bloke.

  15. 2011patsfan says:

    for being 85 dick van dyke looked good…i think one of the most under rated actors ever

  16. MrBluewatson says:

    i loved him in Mary Poppin’s

  17. rayvnluv says:

    He looks amazing, full of life!

  18. happydays249 says:

    @MissDivagirl he said porpoises. they do look qiute a lot like sharks but i guess they’re pretty harmless :)

  19. waddyprocess says:

    Dick van Dyke looks great. Sheesh, has he aged in 20 years?

  20. gareth1614 says:

    It just seemed like the whole thing was rushed…I mean its DICK VAN DYKE! give hime time to tell anecdotes without flippant interruption constantly! plus he was great in Columbo

  21. MissDivagirl says:

    Can someone tell me what animals save his life? I didn”t catch it , when he said it :/

  22. RichardElden says:

    Van Dyke did well for a man with so little talent.

  23. alexwinterTMD says:

    Seriously…I LOVE Dick. (That came out wrong…) He’s performing at The Hollywood Bowl – you can search their site - with some other awesome performers in a show called The Singing Stars of Television. I’ll be working at the show but listening my heart out. :)

  24. KLUNKET says:

    There isn’t an entertainer today that could hold a candle to someone like Dick!

  25. skapunkteddybear says:

    What a fucking legend! You gotta give it up to Van Dyke, or your just a piece of shit.

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