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Courtship of Eddie’s Father theme song

Theme song from the 70′s Television show
Video Rating: five / 5

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25 Responses to “Courtship of Eddie’s Father theme song”

  1. ElCibaeno1966 says:

    Oughis is it peop…. frainscaco psn y cdssxy psn…inturruatu,,,

  2. 1bfron says:

    @elc1960 harry’s without you went to no1 in all ‘white’ english speaking countries

  3. MrRonnieG says:

    The television series, with Cruz and Bixby, (1969-1972) was actually based on a 1963 movie with the same title.

  4. MrRonnieG says:

    Would you believe that in May of next year (2012) Eddie (a.k.a. Brandon Cruz) will turn 50 years old!?!

  5. HLG3958 says:

    my 20 y/o daughter was just singin this song and I asked her how did she kno about this – this was my era – this was once my favorite show – propz to whoever posted this

  6. StanBennet says:

    Is his best friend the guy he becomes every time someone pisses him off?

  7. Amoxx477 says:

    Is there an entire song available? or it`s just a theme?

  8. MichaelHansenFUN says:

    not on dvd
    why the hell it isnt i will never know
    but when i was a kid, a UHF station was showing this and I never watched it

  9. GeekTastic1234 says:

    i just love this song , (:

  10. Ariesphoenix1 says:

    Wish my Dad was still alive!! Glad I can share this with my son!

  11. liltrucker107 says:


  12. elc1960 says:

    @warnicar12 Nilsson’s original title for this was “Girlfriend”. To adapt it to this show, he didn’t have to change much of the lyrics; they’re almost identical. He was indeed quite close to John Lennon and Ringo Starr (the “Lost Weekend” incident). Someone else mentioned his hit “Without You” – Badfinger had the hit version of that song, while Harry’s version was never a hit. The biggest hit he ever recorded was “Everybody’s Talking” from “Midnight Cowboy”, but Fred Neill wrote it, not him.

  13. Tina85ok says:

    Does anybody know if this show is available on DVD??

  14. kirstensuedina says:

    I like this song

  15. kyleighrsmith1234 says:

    This was in an episode of Two and a Half Men… Charlie thought he had a son… too bad Charlie Sheen went on Drugs, that show’ll never see it’s 9th season……

  16. KenoKatze says:

    barnaby jones! KAKOW and/or boosh

  17. RossGamel says:

    100th like! :D

  18. alabamagirl49 says:

    RIP Bill Bixby

  19. dynagravitomagnetic says:

    The very best episode was when Bill caught the brat flying a kite from the balcony of their high rise and he pulled him off the rail and BEAT HIS ASS FLAT HANDED LIKE A BONGO!

  20. monkeygirl000 says:

    As I recall, the series ran from 1969 to 1971.

  21. partridgefam1970 says:

    this was in an episode of That’s 70′s Show, “Eric’s Buddy”

  22. jumpypuppy says:

    Harry Nilsson, the guy who did The Point. He was the Beatles best friend

  23. dawhitmy says:

    What happened to these guys??

  24. warnicar12 says:

    I didn’t see anyone making the accreditation to the songs writer.
    This was written for the show by Harry Nilsson who was a giant in American music but nearly forgotten in some circles.
    To call this man the fifth Beatle would be correct in more ways then one.

  25. bhinderbinder says:

    One of my FAVORITE t-v theme songs!

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