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Coronation Street

An excellent example of kitchen sink drama from the second year of “Coronation Street”. Ena and Elsie have a face off over a poison pen letter. Absolute classic stuff.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Coronation Street”


    How many fucking “By Gums” do these cunts have to repeat????

  2. shmuli9 says:

    Ena was SO mealymouthed… Her and her “off-license”…

  3. FillionDollarSmile says:

    Oh… My…. God !
    When was this filmed 2200 bc

  4. lincsposter says:

    Violet and Pat… great actresses together on one show! Corrie has always ruled the waves. Scriptwriters deserve a medal!

  5. kezza8099 says:

    I remember watching coronation st as a kid, ive started watching it again on free to air telly only trouble is the eps are from 2003 not that it matters im still enjoying it. here in australia the upto date eps are on pay tv.

  6. lakshmimittal says:

    Did everyone really talk so fast back then?

  7. lincsposter says:

    Corrie rules God Save Her Majesty!

  8. rainbowpride76 says:


  9. lincsposter says:

    5 people seem to be suffering from a very serious offliction! Corrie rules the waves! This is stunning tv!

  10. lincsposter says:

    5 people seem to be suffering from a very serious offliction! Corrie rules the waves!

  11. JohanR888 says:

    how many times does Len say “by gum”?

  12. BritishSnail says:

    David Lidington: My right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, who leads
    for us on these matters, is very clear that the priority for the people
    of the United Kingdom should be the maintenance of our own domestic
    controls over OUR BORDERS and not giving control of immigration
    policy to European institutions.
    14 Sept 2010

  13. discosam1984 says:

    “Well, I’ll go to the back of our ‘ouse!”

  14. nightgrooveruk says:


  15. Gartfield112 says:

    Wow I remember this episode Great to see it again love Jack Walkers trod on character . Thanks for this

  16. Kozak206 says:

    does anyboy know the name of the song ???

  17. 10aPenny says:

    @pentogram23 it’s not a dump.

  18. pentogram23 says:

    @10aPenny well thats because your a loser and an IDIOT to live in a dump..

  19. 10aPenny says:

    @pentogram23 I live on a street like that. Idiot!

  20. pentogram23 says:

    what miserable streets……nasty homes..

  21. Grantwebb13 says:

    What is amazing about this is it IS the same show that we are watching now in 2010 – the people may leave but the street itself remains. Utterly brilliant – so true to life.

    However, it shows life was probably more exciting back then than now – they don’t make episodes like these anymore, and I’m 17!

  22. steve010859 says:

    The old ones are the best!

  23. Chaelli1 says:

    Utterly superb!

  24. InTheDarkForest says:

    It’s hard to believe Ken Barlow was ever a young man … but there he is.

  25. JuddonPlatoon says:

    Oh classic

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