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Coronation Street – Tram Crash & Explosion (6th December 2010)

The moment when a devesating explosion rips through the Joinery bar and a tram derails right into Coronation Street causing massive damage and deaths.
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25 Responses to “Coronation Street – Tram Crash & Explosion (6th December 2010)”

  1. shamrocks2005 says:

    lol, Canada must be far behind. This was like looking into the future. Right now they are showing Peters son being taken away by George. n Gail still being investigated.. how far behind is canada lol..

  2. PillowHey says:


  3. bethbabe201 says:

    brill acting :)

  4. eleven12thirteen says:

    @groovemarcus Ah yes, social realism :P the UK is into that… so many soaps we have XD I’m not that fond of them to be honest but they’re really good to analyse for media coursework. It’s good to know that people in other countries actually like some of the stuff made here ^^ :D

  5. BaMiTzKiErA says:

    @recogntion Lol my mum can do Ashley’s voice perfectly

  6. bermudarailway says:

    We’ve had to wait 50 years for something interesting to happen on this mindless boring show,but it was worth it !

  7. doggetti says:

    @jeff619hardykingston lol. fucking chav

  8. cokaduty4 says:


  9. recogntion says:

    glad ashley died his voice goes threw my head looks like the corrie crew will have to get the sausages someplace else

  10. lincsposter says:

    It is time that You Tube got themselves together and limited the amount of abuse levelled at sites like this based in the UK! This is the longest running TV drama in the world, and we get pathetic comments from some poeple across the Pond. While at the same time we get great comments from other people across the Pond! Comments are welcome but sour grapes just make you like silly! To American friends… just email your national broadcasters every day! Tell them to show Corrie!

  11. jeff619hardykingston says:

    @doggetti ur mums crap so fuk off u twat

  12. harrybaggit says:

    haha @ the tram, and the drivers face, LMFAO, this was a nice bit of carnage

  13. doggetti says:

    Looks crap

  14. Disenchanted999 says:

    I’ve only just watched this & it’s brilliant, so realistic!

  15. valleychick6969 says:

    @groovemarcus well said im american , just think the american ones are extramely boring im so glaf half of them have gone off air.

  16. TheAki786 says:

    im very proud to say i watched this from the beggining and happy that other people around the world can see englands specialty to soap dramas . go coronation strret , make us proud

  17. scockburn420 says:

    i live in canada and we are months behind, close to a year. and i heard about it and just had to watch it !!!!

  18. MsBooped says:

    Thank you so much You Tube for allowing me to view the tram crash. I was subscribed to ITV. Stupid mistake…they will only allow the UK to view videos.
    I cried watching Jacks departure. But…it was so moving and beautifully done.
    Jack & Vera together again!
    I have been a Corrie fan since early 70′s…..and will be FOREVER!

  19. azabee1 says:

    i watched this and realised , the writiters from die hard thought fuck it lets turn a nice peaceful street into fucking middle earth- WHERE THE FUCK IS JOHN MCLANE!!!

  20. TheGreatMercedes says:

    @KillaKitty09 I love this show, but I have to say: it’s sad of you to generalize a population of 320 million people of a vast number of backgrounds based on what you see on Youtube comments. Not all Americans care to compare and contrast American and British entertainment, because not all of us give a damn. Like myself =)

  21. MsMich1973 says:

    Damn! I’ve been reading about this on the BBC and they did an awsome job with the bomb/tram crash. A friend of mine watches Coronation Street up in Canada and loves this show. I wish that American sope operas could be this realistic whe they do crashes.

  22. TheJuicyfruitx says:

    @doctorwhofanable no, he lived

  23. lincsposter says:

    34 Eastenders watched this!

  24. lincsposter says:

    @BaMiTzKiErA The Tram driver lived! There is still the Fourth! Listen to Alistair’s news reports! Is it Jack, Peter or mystery person who will be the real Fourth?

  25. coiscarraig1234 says:

    @BarbaraFanDallas yeah she was so annoying i feel sorry for tyrone molly jack and vera and baby jack are all gone from him

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