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Coronation Street – Tram Crash & Explosion (6th December 2010)

The moment when a devesating explosion rips through the Joinery bar and a tram derails right into Coronation Street causing huge damage and deaths.

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25 Responses to “Coronation Street – Tram Crash & Explosion (6th December 2010)”

  1. sexy65515 says:

    thanks i didnt know that

  2. GAC1984 says:

    @sexy65515 Actress who plays Hayley Cropper is Julie Hesmondhalgh (Prounced Hesomdhalsh)

  3. sexy65515 says:

    I remeber this It was amazing effects Ive met some of the cast out of corrie
    1. William Roache
    2. Graham Hawley
    3. Sue Nicolls
    4. Chris Fountain
    5. Kate Ford
    6. Hayley Cropper dont know her real name,

  4. 100dantv says:

    I read somewhere that ITV spent £1 million pounds to do that – Really? didn’t seem that much. And lol at the fake ITV News bit ;-)

  5. matthewmartinx says:

    @mackey2k11 – No thank you, I enjoy being alive.

  6. mackey2k11 says:

    @matthewmartinx kill yourself :)

  7. lincsposter says:

    @ Zanac100 “Accept that and move on!” OMG! Don’t watch then! Easy answer! Move on, get a real life!

  8. matthewmartinx says:

    @97channel – no one would watch it.

  9. matthewmartinx says:

    @mackey2k11 – was that in English?

  10. KenFromBeara says:

    @karlticehurst bloody classic man!

  11. zaniac100 says:

    @cooljoemaz Nah they simply didn’t like the video. That is actually allowed you know. You can’t go through life ‘liking’ everything can you?

  12. mackey2k11 says:

    i dnt realy corrie im a eastenders fan but dat explosion wass cool and i wud give it 8/10 cuz befour i hated it but nw i watch 20 4 7 soooooo i ges im a emmerdale/corrie/eastenders kina gall but i still lke my eastenders better but ahh corrie ntmtoo bad thumbs up if u agree (:

  13. zaniac100 says:

    @lincsposter I am simply giving my personal opinion. I do not really need to understand UK soaps – I’m just commenting on youtube about my personal opinion and not writing a PhD or editing a mainstream fan magazine on the subject. I never said this wasn’t ‘realistic’. I said I had no emotional reaction to it. The drama doesn’t work for me. The whole multiple explosion thing didn’t impress me. It seems hackneyed to me. Accept that that is my opinion and move on. Geez.

  14. lincsposter says:

    @zaniac100 To make sense of Uk soap opears, you need to watch them all! Not only Corrie and Eastenders, but also Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. They all have the daily life of… included, but they also have what happens if… story lines. Bank robberies do take place! Factories/pubs do catch fire! Trains are involved in crashes! If you thought the next storyline was about a Polar Bear attacking a schoolboy you would say that was OTT ! Well it happened yesterday in Norway. 17yo killed by a polar bear!

  15. zaniac100 says:

    @97channel I agree. When I watch this clip I feel no engagement or emotion at all (there is no substance, just flashy stunt) but I imagine the technicalities of the pyrotechnics, the CGI, and the hackneyed forward track reverse zoom shot. I liked the Richard Hillman canal plunge but after that I stopped watching soaps. I think after his drowning I must have seen my 1000 deaths in soap and didn’t feel I needed to see any more. (I was also curiously unmoved by the Emmerdale show home explosion.)

  16. zaniac100 says:

    @lincsposter I know who/how many died since the show airs in Aust(albeit only on cable). My observation about soap disasters refers to UK soap disasters, with the Mitchell car plunge on EastEnders getting low ratings. The dime a dozen comment was *my* opinion of UK soaps, and refers to my opinion of UK soap disasters. Aust only has 2 soaps, which few people in Aust watch, and they are mainly made for sale to the UK. They are light ‘teen’ soaps which rarely do disasters-not that sort of show.

  17. lincsposter says:

    @97channel What a load of rubbish! You must live in a very dull environment! I suggest you stop watching sopa (that you seem to think you know a great deal about) and concentrate on something you find more stimulating … like railway architecture, failed channel tunnel plans, or any conspiracy theory… and let those of us who watch them, watch them in peace. (Are you the guy ITV rejected as a scriptwriter?)

  18. 97channel says:

    @lincsposter Soap is meant to be a reflection of ordinary everyday lives. And whilst there are elements of that within the program, it has an increasing tendency (like all other soaps nowdays) to stray away from story telling and into a fantasy world where something majorly dramatic happens with ludicrous frequency.
    I think your comment actually supports my point. If stripping the show of flash bang dramatics leaves only a bloke having a pint, then it has exposed the lack of thoughtful writing.

  19. lincsposter says:

    @zaniac100 Very few cast were killed off in the show! And soap disaster might be a dime a dozen in Aus, but not in the UK – which probably explains why Coronation Street is the longest running continuous drama in the world.

  20. lincsposter says:

    @97channel What a pathetic comment! What planet do you live on? Your home page does not say! So I suppose for the 50th anniversary you would have suggested a pint in the pub and a packet of crisps? I seem to remember a Stanley Baxter sketch where he sends Edgar Lustgarten up.. (boring the whole world to death). Why watch it if you don’t like soap? If we wrap audiences up in cotton wool, how would the real world have dealt with the tragedy in Norway?

  21. 97channel says:

    If I were in charge of a soap, I’d make two golden rules…
    1 – Nothing should ever explode / burn down / crash / collapse.
    2 – Nobody will ever kill anyone / touch a gun / give anyone a smack / hold hostage / kidnap.
    …If the result is a rubbish soap, then that’s the whole point as to why I took those things away in the first place. To expose the fact that the writers aren’t producing anything of substance, just lazy attention grabbing stunts.

  22. zaniac100 says:

    These days these soap disasters are a dime a dozen and lose all dramatic impact. When soap Number 96 did the bomb in 1975 fans were horrified and devastated. Unfortunately they also stopped watching the show after seeing several popular long running characters killed off.

  23. BenK8319 says:

    @mancity1000 True. i guess the tramps and vagrants couldn’t watch it. But you get what i mean. A hell of a lot :)

  24. mancity1000 says:

    @BenK8319 Over 60 million in the UK and about 14 million watched this episode. I wouldn’t say everyone as such…

  25. jackheaney says:

    @BenK8319 Well to be honest they’re all a crock of shit. The best one is the one that is the least shit.

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