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Coronation Street

An outstanding example of kitchen sink drama from the second year of “Coronation Street”. Ena and Elsie have a face off over a poison pen letter. Absolute classic stuff.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. topshot2219 says:

    Looks like good tv. However I have never heard the English language spoken so fast in my entire life. Like the cadence of Spanish but with English. Very interesting

  2. topshot2219 says:

    Looks like good tv. However I have never heard the English language spoken so fast in my entire life. Like the cadence of Spanish but in English. Very interesting

  3. kylieb191 says:

    Young Ken lol

  4. PeasGraveny says:

    By Powell and Driver.Didn’t know they wrote early Corrie.

  5. tescocadaver says:

    Rumour has it Dennis Tanner is returning to Corrie after 43 years.

  6. Fooblestheclown says:

    Ena Sharples was the fifth Beatle, and I have proof….check out my video response.

  7. kevinastraw says:

    Terrific stuff – the real thing!

  8. MrBuckley123 says:

    to good corrie ladys

  9. MeBenHalpin says:

    @Voxac100b Yeah have that episode on dvd from 1972, where all the regulars think Stan is peeping Tom and Hilda gives them all real piece of her mind, eventually spitting on the Rovers floor before she departs and minutes later, there’s phone call saying they caught the real culprit in the act, why down at number 13, the episode ends with Hilda dresseing Stan in his best suit ready for visit from the Police.

  10. MeBenHalpin says:

    @9djm20 John killing again, is Corrie losing the plot, he’s already been responsible for two deaths, why make another. Sophie and Sian storyline is fairly decent, cos its built up well. Tracy’s attack was good with surprising conclusion last week, but Tyrone kissing Sally was terrible move, they should have paired Tyrone with Maria again especially as their both widowers with kids and have history together, but no they go and stick her with that other creep, who will only end up hurting her.

  11. MeBenHalpin says:

    @gf1001 Couldn’t agree more these women were proper household names and there was defintly realism to the soap back then, just find some of the modern day stuff so hard to swallow.

  12. gf1001 says:

    These early episodes are brilliant, so gritty and atmospheric, Ena Annie Elsie were characters you could believe in not like todays plastic folks. It was true to life then hard hitting and real love these classics, we shall not see this quality again for all the technical advancements Thank you to the poster of this classic.

  13. PandaLikeEyes says:

    Go to The National Television Awards website and vote to make Coronation street 2011s best soap!

  14. sheltv100 says:

    I never knew it was that short then.

  15. coiscarraig1234 says:

    am i the only one who thinks that ena and elsie are really fast talkers

  16. 9djm20 says:

    new year spoilers, John kills again, Sally catches Sophie & Sian in bed together after a couple of drinks, Leanne and Nick are at it again, Tracy Barlow returns and smooches David & Nick & Sally & Tyrone Snog Eachother.. hows that for a new year ehh?

  17. Voxac100b says:

    @storebror21 Agree 100% the theme tune years ago was slower as well and sometimes they played the longer version on the closing titles esp when something tragic happened. This is a great scene with the acting first class and touching even when they dont say anything its compelling viewing masterpiece TV even in the seventies Hilda fights with Annie Walker when Hilda spat in the Rovers I was taken aback!

  18. storebror21 says:

    @Voxac100b Even the theme tune seems to have lost its ‘Northernness’

  19. Voxac100b says:

    The show had a much more Northern edge to it back then and strong characters

  20. rchris36 says:

    Well maybe they should start showing Corrie in the states. I’m not sure that it would be a good idea to start with episode 1 in 1960: it would take them nearly 29 years just to get to the present episodes in 2010. Even if they showed an episode each day it would still take 20 years. I guess they would just have to start with the current episodes and maybe do a historical documentary.

  21. pondoro1956 says:

    Eee, by gum, I wish they would show Corrrie here in the US. Better than just about any show they have on TV here.
    First saw in 1964. By gum how times have changed!

  22. ScarecrowOnFire says:

    The women absolutely rule Coronation Street, they’ve got such strong personalities. This clip shows just how much the men are put in the shade, they stand around not knowing what to do or say to all these women around them that they don’t understand.

  23. MeBenHalpin says:

    @pondoro1956 Do you not get Corrie in the US then, always figured you did.

  24. MeBenHalpin says:

    @Leedeesal1 Ena Sharples last official Corrie appearance was on 2nd April 1980.

  25. realitychecker1000 says:

    What made Ina was her plucked eye-brows!

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