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Common Hospital 8/four/11 Part 1/two

Video Rating: five / 5

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25 Responses to “Common Hospital 8/four/11 Part 1/two”

  1. GHLUVR says:

    I bet Lucky is hiding in that church they got married in!

  2. sherryrodgers says:

    @sfransted Maybe…he HAS left before. He likes diecting & doing other projects.

  3. johnmarlena4ever says:

    yay a Carly&Olivia scene!! :D Loved their friendship!!

  4. TornadoIndy says:

    @TornadoIndy Thanks, for agreeing with me. The new screenwriters they’ve hired are really talented. Every major event that occurs in Port Charles always brings them back to each other in some variation.

  5. mizbootie says:

    @heddalee Seriously! How quickly she forgets. I thought Lucky got injected with drugs, not Lulu.

  6. dreems21 says:

    Sonny and Johnny both look good in their black shirts and tan tan skin. Aye Carrumba!

  7. heddalee says:

    I thought it was Nikolas who got Lulu to change her mind about chasing Luke, not Dante.

  8. only1sexydiva says:

    @TornadoIndy that is so true i love liz and lucky together

  9. TornadoIndy says:

    I know some fans and Liason fans for that matter may see otherwise, but after witnessing all of the sequences with Lucky being drugged and Elizabeth being right there at his side. It’s clearly obvious that they’re still attracted to one another. I know all of the things that have occurred in GH antiquity, but they’re made for each other. In addition, I think Rebecca Herbst is one of the most beauteous actresses in Daytime history. I’m fortunate that ABC rehired her for the role.

  10. EthanEternal says:

    @greysanatomy07100 Yeah, I get that same feeling about Matt and Maxie…

    Yes, Ethan looks so good. I wonder if they got new hair stylists, to, hee…

  11. musicislife21mrb says:

    ethan= so hottt! :)

  12. Jena4277 says:


    Maxie and Matt have ZERO chemistry. And I want to love them so badly!! But it’s killing me. There is nothing to those kisses. Pull it together!!

    I like Carly and Olivia as friends.

    Patrick and Robin are great together.

  13. Rozhe89 says:

    @karyn0105 hahaha i thought i was the only one!

  14. neetrab says:

    @EyeCandy0627 – If Carly wanted to NOT call Jax “Jasper”, she should just call him “J” or something… give him a nickname or something. NOT Jax…that’s just dumb.

    GH NEVER explained why they even have everyone call Jasper “Jax”, INCLUDING his wife… Yea, Jax is a better name, so WHY didn’t GH just let that be his FIRST name?

  15. nvccpiano says:

    They need to lose the storyline that Robin currently has….

  16. VinceNphilly says:

    @neetrab You thought that was strange? Like eyecandy said, who wants to be called Jasper? I wouldn’t even name my dog Jasper!!!! Sorry if there are any Jaspers out there.

  17. EyeCandy0627 says:

    @hype4sistas Because who in this world would want to be called Jasper?

  18. neetrab says:

    @hype4sistas – “i love how even though that’s her husband, Carly calls him “Jax” instead of Jasper”.

    I’ve always thought that was a bit strange too.

  19. greysanatomy07100 says:

    @EthanEternal matt and maxie are exactly like me and my ex boyfriend… hence i said ex they not going to last…lol but they are really cute together and yes today was the first day i thought his hair looked good…

  20. hype4sistas says:

    i love how even though that’s her husband, Carly calls him “Jax” instead of “Jasper”

  21. polarBEAR819 says:

    @kimmyindie1 i feel the same way, but shes a good supporting actress and she’s been on forever… no matter how much i dislike her i have to admit that it would be weird without her

  22. QonOUTview says:

    Robin is a horrible COS, Bring Back Monica or Alan!

  23. Calflym says:

    That’s funny that people want to get rid of Liz, Nik, and Jax complex characters we’ve known for over a decade and keep cheap manure like siobhan, abby, shawn. It’s honestly just stupid.

  24. pinkdiva1509 says:

    @kimmyindie1 and you think siobahn is any better I think she is even more annoying

  25. GeneralHospital1963 says:

    @sfransted Liz isn’t going anywhere! There was such a big protest from the fans, that they decided to keep her.

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