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Common Hospital 03/28/11 Portion 1/two

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25 Responses to “Common Hospital 03/28/11 Portion 1/two”

  1. Tyjo92 says:

    I for one, believe it should be MANDATORY for Michael to be shirtless in all scenes. Any one else agree.?

  2. neetrab says:

    I love sonny!

  3. LaurenLover81 says:

    Alright, I’m definitely convinced. Lea Michele of GLEE needs to have a Luke Spencer meltdown, either in real life, or with her character, Rachel, on GLEE. I would give more than anything for that to happen.

  4. darkljohnson51 says:

    @cmorfan this si the most horrible storyline ever all because it involves a toddler. and jason’s only child.

  5. darkljohnson51 says:

    did anyone else see that at 8:08 michael’s reaction to when abby’s bra came off. lmao. he’s like oh my god i’m finally getting some. horrayyyyyyyy

  6. darkljohnson51 says:

    @xyzizzle he does deserve one. and so does jason,lucky and elizabeth.

  7. xyzizzle says:

    Tony Geary needs another Emmy this year.

  8. bgh4292 says:

    love michael and abby

  9. alisha308 says:

    Michael and Abby’s bra… awkward moment. haha

  10. MysticBlue1 says:

    That scene with Tony Geary broke my heart. That’s the best acting I’ve seen from him in years.

  11. Hishman007 says:

    I wonder if Jackson screaming at him is what really made Geary cry like that.

  12. aprijl says:

    I Wish kristina was under the Bed.

  13. aprijl says:

    Love micheal and Abby.

  14. tubularprincess77 says:

    OMG…Luke and Lucky’s confrontation and breakdown. IM in TEARS.

  15. BGFalcon1983 says:

    Wow…I can’t remember a time when a GH character has made me feel so brokenhearted as much as Luke did at 13:43…and it makes it even more intense/realistic when there’s no background music. That’s what I love about this s/l – they’re really challenging the actors and tugging at our heart strings. THIS is why I’ve been watching GH for 20+ years!!!

  16. LiquoriceBootlaces says:

    characters are always drinking in their offices and homes and then suddenly have to go out (and drive). Why now decide to latch onto it and make it a critical part of the accident…

  17. margaretbriggs says:

    God seeing Jonathan Jackson and Anthony Geary doing the scene of Luke drinking …. Words can’t express it I am in tears. They are such great actors.

  18. leeland0123 says:

    abby is a child molester lol this is absolute comedy

  19. leeland0123 says:

    abby is a child molester lol

  20. dirty06maggot says:

    i guess i’m the only one who started laughing when luke started drinking all those glasses. i think luke knew he was the one who hit jake when dante told him that it wasn’t carly. you could see it on his face.

  21. elsikscholar says:

    is without a doubt the most chilling scene i have seen on gh since sam lost her baby and alexis speech during kristinas (sister) funeral

  22. elsikscholar says:

    this is one the best gh episodes in years

  23. asiajw3 says:

    So happy for Michael and Abby. I love their relationship and now it’s finally at that next level. Big step for Michael. Chad D. aka Michael has a nice body.

  24. meghanpug says:

    i LOVE abby and Michael.. omfg their sooooooo good together

  25. Zelinna12 says:

    Chad Duell & Andrea Bogart have some serious chemistry going on here! lol

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