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Comedy Playhouse – Are You Being Served? (Pilot) Part 1

This pilot was originally made in colour in 1972, but the videotape was wiped by the BBC leaving only the black and white recording. It has recently been restored to colour by recovering the colour markings present in the black and white recordings. This is the first time it is seen in colour for over 30 years. It is the pilot episode of the long-running comedy series about the staff of an old-fashioned department store, Grace Brothers. Trouble is afoot when the Ladies’ Department and Gentlemen’s Outfitting are told they must share the same floor. (C) BBC 1972/2010
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Comedy Playhouse – Are You Being Served? (Pilot) Part 1”

  1. LonlyHeartsClubBand says:

    @rubbitydub no he died in 2007

  2. rubbitydub says:

    “rip John Inman” lol – he’s still alive you idiot

  3. deciusvarus says:

    I love this show! But I hate Mr. MASH!!!

  4. LordZacknafien says:

    Love this show Britin had some pretty good shows with comady like this!.

  5. tapeduk says:

    It’s great to see this in color–or should I say Colour—–RIP John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Wendy Richards, and Trevor Bannister

  6. grvyrunr says:

    @eccarter22 Of course it isn’t sad! It’s marvelous! :)

  7. yoyogurl101 says:

    and i LOVE john inman <3

  8. yoyogurl101 says:

    im 17..and i live in America…and im in LOVE with this show LOL

  9. Dijichan says:

    im 14 and love this show and most of my favorite characters are dead. ( john inman and trevor bannister)

  10. TimestheTruth says:

    @MegaPianoplayer1 lol I’m a 22 year old Canadian and I luv it too

  11. yaywhewclips242 says:

    never seen this!! Thanx 4 posting. I love this show!! People should post AYBS Again? eps NOW!!

  12. TralfazConstruction says:

    A timelessly endearing show. Watching episodes, have on as background embellishment or as ‘company’, as I do some work here on a bright Saturday afternoon. I began to catch-up with this show mid-’80s-ish; have not been without it since. My favorite episodes are the earliest with Arthur’s Mr. E. Granger and Larry’s “Mr. Mash”. Each variation of the cast has something remarkable to recommend it. That so many original players are gone is sad, sobering and a commentary itself upon the march of time.

  13. judy1386 says:

    @eccarter22 No it’s not because I’m a 19 year old jamaican and I’m addicted to this show! haha

  14. MegaPianoplayer1 says:

    @eccarter22 I’m a twenty year old American and I love this show.

  15. EkseteraEksetera says:

    @prue912800 Yes he said Griffin! lol, idk if it is a mistake or not though

  16. Midori165 says:

    Thanks so much for the color version!

  17. BumbleGrease2011 says:

    @poppinsexpert Frank Thornton is only 90. He was born on 15th January 1921. He’s the same age as his LOTSW co-star Peter Sallis

  18. prue912800 says:

    @8:00, what does Mr. Humphries call Mr. Grainger? it sounds like griffin wants you, does anyone else think that it should have been grainger wants you, and john inman made a mistake, or was it deliberate

  19. bladerunner6 says:

    @Opium1958 same here we were a family of 7 back then and saw every episode

  20. bladerunner6 says:

    @prajna8 same here my favorite actor when i was a child, time has passed since then R.I.P. Trevor Bannister

  21. Opium1958 says:

    It kind of breaks my heart to watch this, my family and I used to watch it together every night at 10:00 and laugh together:). but now we hardly have time to do anything together. I wish I hadn’t wished so hard to grow up :(

  22. harlechnorthwales says:

    @mewpie85 his name was Trevor Bannister

  23. StevoCummisk says:

    If you check my friends for ksimmuCovetS it’s my alternate account that now features part 3 of this pilot.

  24. iwanttocrashmybike says:

    Whoa she made that jump in heels…………

  25. prajna8 says:

    Goodbye Mr.Lucas. R I P.

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