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Cody Bristol – Cousin Eunice

A brief amusing scene between Cody (Bob Dowdell) and EJ (Bruce Dern) from old Stoney Burke TV series.
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9 Responses to “Cody Bristol – Cousin Eunice”

  1. 7coco3 says:

    Oh what a nice scene is this! I just started to search scenes with Bob Dowdell.
    I only know him as Chip Morton in Voyage to the bottom of the sea.

    It is so great to see him in a different role and.. see him smile.
    Thanks for posting

  2. Juliaflo says:

    Remember Warren Oates as Ves Painter?

    R.I.P. Mr. Oates.

  3. gentryla says:

    Thanks, Lady Kirin, duh, my bad.
    What year(s) was the show on TV? I was 12 about thenif it was ’63 and don’t remember the show at all. Perhaps it was after my bedtime? :)

  4. LadyKirin says:

    Yes, he played the title character, Stoney Burke. It was Jack Lord’s first starring role in a TV series.

  5. gentryla says:

    Hold everything! Anybody notice that the guy driving the pickup is Jack Lord (McGarrett)

  6. kathya11 says:

    Dern went into the service partway through Stoney’s Burke’s run.

  7. koodyta says:

    he’s really quite brilliant, isn’t he? think i became convinced of this only after seeing him in walter hill’s ‘the driver’ (1978)… from then on i got into his various nuances and nuisances. must confess, stoney burke aired 9 years before i became alive, so i wouldn’t know. this snippet is pretty clever.

  8. LadyKirin says:

    Yup! Bruce Dern was a semi-regular on this show “Stoney Burke” back in 1963.

  9. koodyta says:

    bruce dern on television ?

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