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Club Villain – (Your Favorite Martian music video)

DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Lyrics and vocals by Ray Johnson Produced by Mavrick ********LYRICS********* It was a Friday night, and I wanted to go out to A brand new club in town, a discotheque I’d heard about through A friend of mine who told me the place…
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25 Responses to “Club Villain – (Your Favorite Martian music video)”

  1. arunteamou says:


  2. hiyourprivatestalker says:

    how is he club that tiny are they all midget villans or something?

  3. placemat09 says:

    i got bored at 4:12

  4. w5527 says:

    7697 people are heros

  5. XDKawaiiSugarLipsXD says:

    @MachineGecko1 did i?? i sorta forgot!!! well who cares if i think that lol!!^.^

  6. rikki123456788 says:

    1:32 to 1:38 is the best part lmao!

  7. rikki123456788 says:

    LMAO!!!!!! chris brown part made me laugh so hard!

  8. watchmexplode33 says:

    why does Jason have a chainsaw?

  9. LegendaryElitz says:

    @Barnopottamous u forgot not.

  10. mizzbreebabez says:

    @Fullprime can you just stfu because i dont want nothing to do with you if you’re gonna stir shit

  11. crazygamer432 says:

    7,697 got thrown out of the club.

  12. DudeManGuy1223 says:

    @MrLezzgo Bowser’s his newer name. Back Super Mario Bros., he was called King Koopa.

  13. IHate4Kids says:

    he’s also called King Koopa

  14. MrLezzgo says:

    wait..i thought the guy at the door was called bowser?

  15. 2001flaca says:

    take me to that club

  16. killerspartan123 says:

    what about the charecters from sex and the city

  17. Barnopottamous says:

    @LegendaryElitz His characters are from GOOD shows.

  18. Augustrocks100 says:

    How come Chris brown got kicked out, and Ray didn;t? I thought that club was only for villians!

  19. Augustrocks100 says:

    @cajunboy96 hell no.

  20. cajunboy96 says:

    they need to make one about obama

  21. TheNarutoboy12 says:

    awesome video

  22. LegendaryElitz says:

    WHAT NO DRAGON BALL Z OR GT CHARACTERS!??!?!?!?!?!?!? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

  23. Crystalroselanham says:

    best video EVER!

  24. daniel64777 says:

    wheres Dr. Willy?

  25. omegx25 says:

    @elively64 he aint evil enough

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