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Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed – 1 of 2 (Captioned)

Video 2:
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25 Responses to “Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed – 1 of 2 (Captioned)”

  1. eagle76nj1 says:

    make my hay, LMAO that’s a good one !

  2. lpc1962 says:

    ah mr ed,one of the best shows ever!

  3. shvetes says:

    I know what you’re thinkin’, punk. Did I eat 6 bales of hay or only 5?

  4. doctornoooo says:

    I didnt like this show when it was running and I still dont like it too much but holy christ its a stroke of genius compared to what came after it like the Jeffersons and that ilk and now my god the stuff is virtually unwatchable

  5. bigres23 says:

    @JBLover4Ever600 I’m 11 too

  6. TREOL says:


  7. Maddeylikewhoa says:

    I know how they made him talk :D lol

  8. physicalKinetics says:

    mr. ed reminds me of falcor

  9. LCSimberto says:

    @Kelly14UK its not trick photography, its easy to teach a horse to do that haha

  10. MightyBroYoung says:

    my horse doesnt like you laughin

  11. Felixg1979 says:

    God tv is so boring now a days. How i wish i could live in the 80s again,i used to love watching this at 8 pm on nick at nite.

  12. GARYMAX1313 says:

    great old show

  13. oluham says:

    Dumb, funny shit!

  14. WolfySnackrib666 says:

    What the hell is that horse doing to Clint Eastwood? I’m gonna get him a starring role in the Godfather!!!

  15. newstarcadefan says:

    I loved Mr. Ed when it came on Nick at Nite back in the day! Along with the classic SNL episodes, Green Acres, Bewitched, etc.

  16. Fruth37 says:

    “But If you ever show your ugly puss on the set, I’ll quit! ” Classic!!!!

  17. Kelly14UK says:

    I’d say that was trick photography. Classic.

  18. dogvandave says:

    A Horse has got to know his limitations

  19. Iantorchwood94 says:

    @JBLover4Ever600 1961-1966 . Very short but still excellent , me I grew up with this show (I’ve still got the tapes at home , I’m 16), but you if you’re only 11 go on this way ;)

  20. JBLover4Ever600 says:

    What year is this from? I wouldn’t know, I’m only 11

  21. Cyclops236 says:

    I didn’t think Mr. Ed came on This TV.

  22. 83redshadow says:

    Alan Young was a great comic actor

  23. MultiRatrat says:

    the guy who owns ed is so much funnier than Ed

  24. pegual1001 says:


  25. anmvideo says:


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